Mood Swings……I hate Aug

End of the week Friday! Finally here and well welcomed, we get to pick up our twins from camp tomorrow morning from Girl Scout Camp. The place has been eerie and quite for the past week and I’m not sleeping well because of it, so I will be glad that they are back. Not because of the noise but more to the fact that they’re back home safe and sound.
Things are tight this month as well, for example, I’m not sending flowers to her work since our 16th wedding anniversary is this Sunday because well they’re going to die anyway afterwards. We will however buy 1 item for the house as a gift from and to both of us instead. My Birthday, forget it! It’s not happening; the budget is too tight to celebrate so we’re bypassing it. I do hope to get the ez-builder module for my Omnibot project before Christmas maybe, but rather doubtful.

My mother in law’s which 7 days is after mine we can celebrate to a degree. We bought her gifts few months back when we found them, which was smart too. We’ll more or less cook out and BBQ at her place for her birthday and watch a few movies. The girls will be able to spend time with grandma and then home.
I did get into the Rusty Hearts closed Beta. All I can say to you is that it’s fun and quite enjoyable. I’m hoping to get into the “Blacklight” closed Beta next! That’s been built on the UDK Engine and from the media clip, it looks AWESOME! I’m hopeful in that I’ll get chosen for that Beta. Got to thank Ali-sama one my older online friends since I moved to Utah for the Humble Bumble #3 Games pack for my birthday those games are going to be fun.

Which brings up the issue of friends, I have to say I have more “online” friends than I do in real time, meaning that there are friends of mine I can call and chat with in the real time, but not face to face and hang real time if that makes sense? I honestly can say I have friends in California more than I do here in Utah. This is my daily routine, its home Dad, Husband Handyman Homework with the kids when needed, chauffer at other times. No HEY lets go have a LAN party, or BBQs or getting together for group movie night at one the theaters. No, its stay at home slowly killing myself in the front of the TV.

If you think I’m ranting by now yea, you pretty much hit it on the head, I’m now ranting at not having a social life. At least in California, I could call up Robert, or Mark or both and we could get the group together and RPG or go to the movies and hang and have fun. I bet even now we’d been able to do that but as families for the most part while we try to set up those still in the single scene. But no, I’m stuck in social hell and to be honest and brutal I hate it here, I want to be somewhere else current than “here”. Life sucks and I’ll bitch about it if I like.


  1. J · August 6, 2011

    But I rant and you get pissy at me.

  2. Lestat · August 7, 2011

    Excuse me for interjecting here, but I’m on the past few posts and I don’t see where he’s even talked to you or about you. Unless you’re talking to him on some other media than here? Skye, msn, yahoo? Posts I have seen from you just seem like you want to attempt to incite some type of response from him.

    He’s told me a little bit about and explained you pulled a nerd rage at him posted crap about on this forum you goto where you yourself are belittled as well a good portion of the time. All because he made mention of something about you and orders from your command and some other things not to mention, since he made it clear you just go back to said forum and post up more on him to remote-troll him and where he can’t defend himself in any way shape or form. But after seeing some of the topics you and that community talk about anyway, I’m glad to say I’m not a member.

    Now why don’t you just quit and leave the guy to enjoy his 16th wedding anniversary today? I for one would have banished you by now but it’s his decision, “freedom of speech and all” but that’s him.

  3. J · August 8, 2011

    See, the fact that you said he “explained you pulled a nerd rage” tells me that Madarame “explained” jackall.

    He didn’t “make mention” of me and my orders. He blatantly blogged about my wife, her condition and where we were going, much, I might add, to the extreme frustration of my wife.

    See, Madarame has a tendency, per his own admission, to over-react to things sometimes. Combine this with his belief that everyone he knows online is his true-blue, through and through friend, and he would go ballistic at the most imperceptible “slights”.

    This other forum he mentions? Yeah, he would get teased by others there because he would react in more and more rage-like fashion until he was just posting poorly written insults. I would occasionally defend him, and continued talking to him long after the others had written him off.

    So there is no “remote-troll” of anything.
    I mean, do you understand the fact the he will continue to browse ClanBob, (even after repeatedly saying he will never have anything to do with them again), simply to see if anyone is still talking about him.

    So you can think whatever you wish of me, and get all hoi-poloi about not wanting to be a member. *Shrugs* I’ve been a member since 1999. It’s not exactly like madarame was a long-term visitor that got chased off. He honestly didn’t have the temperament to handle the rather unique nature of that particular board.

    Which I don’t mind. I just honestly wish he’d learn to calm down some and not take every single thing he sees online so damn personally.

    Hence my earlier comment.
    He would get after me on Facebook or the like in regards to how I needed to lighten up. And here are two posts in a road where he is actively talking about how upset and ranting he’s feeling.

    Forgive me if I’m not a fan of double-standards.

    • Lestat · August 8, 2011

      No, from what I read before his edit was that he had made mention of you something like it took 2 months or so to find out that you had received your orders for deployment and some stuff of about what you mentioned.Now, I have to say that you saying he believes all his online contacts are friends are a bit of stretch. There are people he knows that he doesn’t get along with at all, but has to because he is part of the group. Teamwork for sure, you can’t have the omelets without breaking some eggs right?

      Teased? From what I saw and read he was outright bullied, why he stood for it is beyond me, but then again with how he reacts at times to things said, and I’ll apologize but as I was looking shifting through that mess and visiting this clan bob I don’t see much defense rather I have seen where you actually cut up on him several times especially at the parts where you were compared to him at some degrees.

      Yes, I suppose he does. I even go by a few old haunts I used to part take in from time to time to see who’s doing what these days just for the sake of boredom and killing time. Everyone’s guilty of it at some time or another.

      No, he told me that he’d been since the web comics where on some site that was I guess named after. As far as you go? I don’t know you, so I can’t say what I think. Far as joining goes? It’s not my cup of tea to be honest I can already tell I’d get into trouble off the bat. I don’t see any comments between you and him on Facebook, sorry. He like yourself or anyone has to vent off in some fashion. I’ve always been a fan of prose when ranting on frustrating issues; I find it a practice in writing.

      I do think however you do cause him some degree of displeasure ergo his lack of responding to you or your posts. He has issues, ones that I am not at liberty to discuss openly nor without his permission, to be quite frank, I don’t think it’s even my place to mention it but there are factors you failed to inquiry about with him. Or if you do know about them you didn’t taken them in consideration.

      I’ll leave it with that “M” is a unique person, smart, but a bit off the beaten path with a drum that has no other beat to follow a good portion of the time. But I’m glad to have the chance to call him friend because he’s been there for me when there was no one else at all who would listen. I will leave it at that.

  4. J · August 8, 2011

    The reason you don’t see any comments between him and I on Facebook is sometime last year, he decided to block me from his and delete everything.

    And no.
    ClanBOB has existed since 1998. I joined in 99. You can find archived copies of the original Life Of Riley comic on the pyro servers. I was included as one of the main cameos in the “Bobs” storyline.
    madarame, as “Leon McNichols” did not join until a couple of years later.
    I know because that was the timeframe before the Navy when I was all but broke and one step above homeless, ergo I had nothing better to do with my time than spend it online.

    Yes, I’ll grant it that madarame is unique.
    I just wish he’d mature a little bit on the emotional side of things.

    Bear in mind you also know nothing about me, and your mention that you “read what I wrote” is only an indicator that you learned about me through madarame- A decidedly biased filter at best given the circumstances.

    • Lestat · August 8, 2011

      Well if he removed you from his friends list and that was the last straw and burnt bridge as you stated “At this moment, you may have finally achieved your earlier goals and officially burned your last fucking bridge.”?

      He showed me this not in the form of lurk but as a point of reference of the place called clan bob which for someone who doesn’t want anything to do with “M” keeps coming here is rather strange in itself.

      Most people would have taken the hint, and your friend pretty much has hit it on the head. But threatening to give out “M”‘s info to people he doesn’t know, and you’re telling him to act mature? That’s just odd in my opinion.

      I suppose the real question here is, why do you come here? Why does this blog bother you so much that you feel this pressuring need to reply anything he posts about? You got him to ignore you and have nothing more to do with you. So, why do you bother coming here?

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