Cool things in Robotics and arduino! PLUS Daicon III is 30 Yrs old this year!

I was recently checking out some more of the Omnibot projects there were out there & came across a Robotics Hobby Master the Bot Master, who admins & I emailed him requesting a possible guide on the project he did with his Omnibot. Here on this link you’ll get a feeling on how he built his using Arduino as the control module for it.

Now he used the arduino as the controller but he an add-in from here to control the motors, & used this ping back sensor to avoid collisions. He did a great review/write up on this project hold the same concept. Once I get the necessary parts he & DJ Sures will be able to lend me some advice & help. Here take a look at his & DJ Sures projects involving The Tomy Omnibot, l I think you’ll find them as enjoyable as I am. The one that especially creative was the one that was repainted and converted into a pc, with a mouse cradle for the right arm, which I though was a nice touch.

In anime related news, it had occurred to me & I kick myself for it because its been 30 Yrs since it was made & shown at a Particular Tokyo convention mainly the Nihon SF Taikai Cons Daicon III (1981) & IV (1983)Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga Music by Koichi Sugiyama, Yuji Ohno Kitarō, Electric Light Orchestra –ELO (Twilight which is also used in the TV series Densha Otoku ).

Distributed by DAICON Film Release date(s) 1981 (III) 1983 (IV) Running time approx -5½ mins for III & – 6 mins (IV) creation point was Japan Language English & Japanese So for Hiroyuki Yamaga and Crew and the cutie that is the Daicon Bunny-Chan We say Happy 30th Anniversary and we love you and the work you brought to us which still goes strong to this day and is loved by otakus around the globe!



  1. Lestat · August 17, 2011

    Whoa, has it been 30 years already? I remember seeing that at Naster Hall when Scann was the big anime club on the So. Cal. forefront area. They did some pretty killer animation for the 5 mins of footage on Daicon III and popularity as well.

    I am just suprised that none of the bigger name companies attempted to get the mascot lic’ed. for series purposes. But then again there were issues with playboy allowing the guys to use the playboy bunny motif, which is sad seeing the possiblities and impact it would have had on the market.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · August 17, 2011

      Yea, you better get some sleep man. I had to come in here and move your reply to the right post. Need more coffee dude? When are they going to put you back on the AM shift, or is this going to be an ongoing shift for you ? (Had to go back myself and make a correction of two.)

  2. Lestat · August 17, 2011

    Oh don’t get me started on that one. They have me working from 1 am to 11 am tuesday thru saturday working on mapping out optic cable networks for neighborhoods that have cable from 1988 still laid underground. I come home and most of the time lately all I want to do is just go to bed and then catch up on some of the korean dramas I like watch online then back to work. Rinse lather rinse repeat, it’s just another cycle like at Sony.

  3. Dustin Kopplin · August 17, 2011

    When I (as in “we” with the podcast i did this panel on) did a panel at this past years animazement, we started things off with Daicon 4 playing to kick off our panel. Its in my blog going back a few months.

    • Lestat · August 17, 2011

      That’s pretty cool, you should get “M” here to assist some time, he’s a real wiz when it comes to anime taking his age into consideration. NOT that he’s old, just very sage like when he wants to be. Too bad other people pissed on his shoes to get their jollies though. I gotta go myself breakfast is on the table then time for some peach girl and then OFF to work!

      You remember this one “M” ? I remember how you and mark said you’d be the 1st California Otakings, I guess you’ll have to become the Utahan Otaking instead eh? I;ll try to call after I get off work, ttyl.

      • Madarame-Harunobu · August 17, 2011

        Aww man, now you done it! You brought a tear to this old man’s eye. I remember that when it came on VHS and saw it in the theater hall at Naster up at sdsu. Heh we had big dreams back then, but I’m not giving up you’re right! I’m a fighter and so are the people behind me. I will be OTAKING soon!

  4. Lestat · August 18, 2011

    Hey at least you have one thing going for you. You don’t that J guy hanging around anymore. So that’s a positive in your favor.

    • J · August 24, 2011

      I am eternal, and love Steve in all he does.

      • Lestat · August 25, 2011

        I think you come here just try to get some twisted kick in pissing him off. Don’t you have anything better to do?

      • Madarame-Harunobu · August 25, 2011

        Ignore him I have finally. Just don’t feed the troll and he’ll go find something else on google to pre-occupy his time. Its not worth talking to him about because it goes out one porthole and out the other with a just an airduct inbtw. if he hasn;t taken the hint by now, then he’ll never get it and he’ll be the sad one in all of this. Whatever this may or may not be, I don;t even know anymore.

  5. J · August 28, 2011

    Except, “M”, for the fact that I used to talk to you and the moment you misread something, or jumped to conclusions, you would automatically dismiss anything I said from that point out.

    And you accuse me of being unreasonable?

    Ah wait, silly me. I forgot- in the years that I’ve known you online, I’ve never once seen you admit you were wrong in anything.

  6. Lestat · August 28, 2011

    Ok, I’ve talked with “M” on this. It boils down to you flying off the handle at facebook where as he posted his thoughts on you and yours heading to a country where a major disaster had just taken place and you were supposed to shipped there at some point soon.

    You didn’t like his posts and removed them, saying your spouse would have been offended somehow that he should have any concern for your well beings. As such he decided to just be done with it then and not have to have your wife, from what I understand doesn’t even like him let alone you having any type of connect with him anyway.

    So, usually when something like that happens, one will; remove themselves from the equation thus stopping the conflict and confrontational issues. “M” has seen fit to do so. You on the other hand keep coming here in attempt to get something from him, attention, validation, what is it you get by coming here and posting anyways? You’ve never truly answered that question, why is that?

    He’s clearly and finally got it through his thick skull you didn’t want anything to do with him. The place he and you used to go to and post and read web comic and talk about crap just to talk about crap didn’t want him around so he left there as well.

    Oh and please don’t brig up any crap where he was just awful and a twink and whatever, because I’ve seen him bare his soul before and know crap about him that will go to my grave and I will tell you this, he is more of an adult then some of you will ever be. I know he acts like a kid again I went to school with him so I know and nothing you say can surprise me on anything he may have done. Hell from what he told me of some you he helped some guy from committing suicide once said his name was mike of something and that’s the type of person I know “M” be like, not the childish gru type twink you make him out to be,

    • Madarame-Harunobu · August 28, 2011

      Dude cool off, you’re more pissed about this than I was then. I’ve ignored the guy for several months now and if he doesn’t get it now? I’ll say it again he never will. so just drop the subject and lets just go on with other things.

  7. J · August 28, 2011

    Wow “Lestat”, I’m impressed.
    I’m impressed that you are so riled up about this, and I’m impressed, but not surprised, that that is the “reason” Steve provided you with.

    Did he not elaborate about this is the end result of a number of things?
    About his petty, angry nature from years ago? About how he has a very fickle idea about friends online, and the moment he gets a notion in his head, he completely writes you off?

    Something tells me he left out the part wherein after years of casually talking to him, I abruptly got dismissed and removed from everything he could pull my name on, simply because he thought I had said some things I didn’t? And rather than try to at least talk like rational human beings, he would reiterate various forms of “Bam! We’re done!” but only as long as he thought he had the last word.

    That’s why I follow his meanderings. Because I still hold hope that somewhere, there is a fairly intelligent person who has progressed past being the self-centered, reactionary, childish asshole who will refuse to ever admit possibly being wrong on anything, because obviously, it’s all the other persons fault.

    Case in point? Your little tirade.
    Apparently my wife and I have been painted as vile, bitter, paranoid assholes, while Steve is the calm, rational, belabored and put-upon saint who had to suffer our mindless ravings.
    Did he even remotely indicate at any time that he may not have been totally on the up and up with this? Or that even after every single person online that he and I know had completely written him off, I still maintained contact with him for YEARS because I didn’t think he was that bad?

    Or did he just forget that part because it’s easier to lay the blame all squarely on anyone but himself?

  8. Lestat · August 29, 2011

    Tirade? I wouldn’t even call it anything close to that and he just told me why he took you off his friends list. Your removal of his posts on your wall, The thread for your lets all troll “M” at that place you hang out at,

    You stated “I’m standing Duty aboard the ship tonight. This translates into roughly 24 hours of mostly boring.
    So, on a half-baked notion of something to do, I decided to google his old blog. Lo and behold, not only is it still active, but I find that he’s been attempting to follow my life on levels that veer way into creepy old man territory.”

    Seriously, you get that bored you have to find something to troll about? I think that guy Rip has it right “Jesus Fuck, Phant; are you really this desperate for friends? ”

    My opinion is you’re starving for attention from “M” here. I thing the fact you called him out by name on your thread is wrong due to tracebacks and such, didn’t think of that did you ? You feel so much better if his employer did in fact find your thread and was like wth is this? No, I bet you didn’t as far as knowing the past history between you two? I don’t care “M”‘s been my friend since HS not much has changed and this is something we exchanged on another post else anyways,

    Why don’t you find something else to do when you’re on CQ/Deck Officer duty or wtf they call in the navy. Dustin sees it, Ali sees it “I” see it. The fact you’re still able to post at his forums and you’re still allowed to post here is beyond me? I asked him and all he would say is “It would be no better than what they did to me.” So why don’t you explain that to us? Also he’s just 45 and with 3 kids and a wife.

    You can’t even get his household right and yet you can go over there and post that shit about him? I’m sorry but you’re a sad sad person in my book. I know he’s immature at times and stuff but that crap you posted is shit and if it was me you were posting shit about? I’d have taken you by your short hairs and thrown you hatch shaft. Guys like you a scum in my book, and I’m going to see what I can do to convince him just to ban your ass from this blog.

  9. Madarame-Harunobu · August 29, 2011

    Ok, then I’m cutting off the comments at that then. Lestat, I told you to calm down, you don;t want me to call your old lady on you right? Yea I thought not. if that person wants to post and follow me around then let him. But maybe you right to a degree. Lets just keep at the forum then shall we?

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