A Manga review for this Wen. evening.

Let’s talk about manga for a moment shall we? I have finally read and completed al 3 Volumes of Genkaku Picasso by Usamaru Furuya which has been published By the Shonen Jump Publication group. It’s about two unique people and how they helped each other move on in their lives. Meet Hikari Hamura AKA Picasso Hamura, Age: 17 outlooks on life?

Rather dark and moody, and for the most part in the beginning he was rather alone save for the one woman who be his love interest in his heart. Enter Ms. Chiaka Yamamoto also Age: 17 who has an interest or well she comes across the one that would influence his life path as they go on. The story is about what happens when an accident befalls both of them. Hikari-kun ends up with a strange ailment where on his right arm where his grandfather’s watch was is a strange rotting circular wound that spreads if he doesn’t help out his schoolmates and their issues within themselves.

He also acquired the strange ability to see within a person’s troubled heart and the emotion get transformed from the person to Hikari-kun who sketches out what’s in the person’s heart troubling them. Sometimes, his first assessment is not the correct one to begin with, which causes trouble for the both of them. This goes on through the story line and in the end, we find that Hikari-kun as dark and as brooding as he can be?

He does in fact have friends from different paths in life even if its just high school, who reach out to save him and to help him come to grips with the one problem he hasn’t faced yet and to face the one person he has yet to help and cure his rotting arm problem. To find out, make sure you get a chance to read this three volume manga set. It’s worth the money to collect up and the re-reading value is on a 4 out of 5 star rating from this blogger. It’s truly a bit tearful at the end….

WHAT!?? A guy can’t have bared soul moment while reading? Hrmph Thespians….;) But seriously people, I recommend you ask your local library to pick up a set for the manga section of your library. Reading is Knowledge and Knowledge is power! How else will you rule the world if you don’t expand your educational horizons? Stay sharp stay healthy….



  1. Lestat · August 25, 2011

    I have not even heard of it till now. Knowing you, you’re not going to give much of the plotline away without revealing too many spoilers. IF the library here has it, I’ll check it out. If not you know who’s inner sanctum I’ll have to invade to get a hold of the set? Yes we do not wish to go there, it hurts us to go there… The precious tells us no, but if we must we must to gets what we needs.

    Anyways, it sounds like a good a read will get back with you on later over the weekend provided I find it.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · August 25, 2011

      You are correct! You sir, get a bubblegum cigar since I don’t really care for smoking anymore (not to say that I actually enjoyed it to begin with either.) Again though, it’s a great read i was terribly moved at the ending of it, very endearing indeed.

  2. J · August 30, 2011

    Steve, I was wrong. You’ve actually grown calmer as you’ve aged, and this Lestat guy is a entertaining ball of easily provoked angry waiting to happen.

    I’m also amused by his rather poorly grasped understanding of how the internet works. Because if any employer of yours googled your Full Name online? Yeah, they’d end up with more than a million hits about some lawyer.

    I’m glad you at least know how to act when you’re not being all moody and pissy due to being out of work. Lestat, on the other hand….

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