Labor Day Weekend

Hello blog viewers,

This is an odd week indeed. 2nd week of the kids being back to school, finally had time to get some yard work done without feeling like I should take a sandblast rather than a shower to get cleaned up. The Cruiser is already acting up thank god for warranties, seems to chug at startup and there is a strange chrip from the back area. Not sure where that is at though.

Reading and Watching Bakuman, so far pretty good to do both with. There is a definite difference between the Anime and the Manga. But I am enjoying both sides and comparing the differences.

My oldest, she wants to cosplay again this year at Anime Banzi again, as Yuffie from FF. She could pull it off well too. If she had longer hair she could “totally” do the Tifa Cosplay. Well, we went the local thrift store to find some garments to got with the transformation, and we found the items she needed.

But, at the same time while we were there “I” discovered and grabbed both a copy of Fallout Tactics and Starcraft Brood wars for 2 bucks each, and not only that but a really decent copy of the “Shadowrun” 2nd Edition rule book the only decent rulebook since the RPG came out the others pale in comparison for a dollar. Score for me! 5 bucks spent on about 40$ worth of swag! YAR!

Anyways, it’s labor day weekend and I’m going to go relax! Hope ya all have a good holiday!




  1. Lestat · September 7, 2011

    Fallout tactics? YES! “FINALLY” someone to play that game with! But you go it for 2$ whats wrong with it? But props to you for finding that Shadowrun second edition for a buck, that is a cool score. Not to much into starcraft as much I want to play FOT in multiplayer mode. Saw you on steam playing Sin Eps 1. how’d you like it? I thought it was drag they killed the episodes off at 1 I wanted to see what happened to Jessica and what that douche injected her with, that rat bastard.

  2. Dustin Kopplin · September 7, 2011

    I got Shadowrun First Edition i believe a few months back, just for the heck of it.

  3. Lestat · September 8, 2011

    The 1st edition is cool I will agree with you there, but the 2nd Edition expanded on the combat system and player stats if I recall correctly. me and “M” and the guys would play shadowrun at least twice week and tbh if we had written the play by plays and blow by blows in the combat? I bet we could have had a decent novel for the SR novel series.

  4. Madarame-Harunobu · September 8, 2011

    There is a number of changes some for the matrix & vehicle combat. The damage points, second ed, got rid of staging numbers sush as making two successes on the st&ard to adjust damage.

    This made power the main adjustable number. Armor reduction on power instead of adding free successes, & the weapon’s power levels went up to compensate. Then comes the combat pool, in the first edition’s “Dodge Pool” was dumped for a useful Combat Pool, which allowed you not just evade attacks, but also enhance said attacks.

    Also they addressed autofiring, 1st edition has the player roll separately for each rnds fired in a burst. You also could only fire a # of rnds a turn equal to your Firearms + 1. The second ed. made Autofire attacks a single roll, sacraficing accuracy for damage. The player action second ed, added the concept of “Free”, “simple” & “complex” actions, allowing the player to do more than one thing on a turn.

    There was also drain for spells, second ed, effectively 1/2 the TN to resist drain for spells. Finally Karma Pool, first Ed, Karma was a single coll. of points to burn as either Xp or Drama points. In the second ed, split Karma into “Good Karma” & “Karma Pool”. 9/1 of the player’s total karma would go to good/pool. Understand? But NOW Who’s gonna play Fallout Tactics with me? Oo; Sin Ep. Emergence, yea pissed me off that there was just the one episode, they could have at least Lic’ed to do to 2 more and finish it out like that. THAT would have been a fair shake for the players.

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