A decade has past since 9/11

What can I say about 9/11 and it being a decade already? The hurt and the pain is still there, it was 1st grade for my oldest and we were at the school in the classroom and saw it happen and thought “Gee if thats for the new spiderman movie those effects are great” it took a few moments that it wasn’t a promotional clip for a movie. Someone had just crashed a jetliner into the world trade center. It’s hard to even keep typing on this because of the pain and feelings of grief that just well back up after like it happened just 5 minutes ago. Now we have to stay more vigilant than ever and have been since that day.

Well we went to the healing fields in sandy utah where we spent our afternoon yesterday. I was also able to get a snapshot of the Firemen Memorial at City Hall just before we left. Anyways stay strong, stay healthy and in that state of mind you need to be on this day, I’s still faltering at it myself.