THQ Cancels Marvel “Avengers Assemble” Fps Video Game ? Seriously?

Oh, I bet the Skrull are just laughing it up over this? Seems yesterday someone leaked the following video out the internet to see what we would be missing out on next year’s Movie tie-in video game. But some questions now arise with this tie-in. Does this mean this takes place during the recent skrull insertion of our marvel heroes’ population? I see quite a number of super skrull in here and one I though was Cyclops from the X-men. This came from THQ Australia and I got to say I’m pretty impressed with this game but if they honestly and truly cancelled it? They just shot themselves in the fucking foot.

Leaked Avengers Video Game Footage

I don’t know about you, but my opinion is, THQ is doing this on purpose, as a ploy to lull the public into thinking it’s really cancelled, then when E3 comes around and the avengers movie is released “BAM! NEW AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” Video Game is announced at E3 and the crowd goes wild everyone is shocked but pleased that THQ in fact did use the time to work and iron and polish the game at the end point of release. But that’s my opinion and view on it.


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  1. Lestat · September 19, 2011

    Cripes, man! I hope that it is just a marketing scheme to suprise the gamers as to say “HA HA We fooled you!” and release the game. That hulk model looks freakin sweet. but I wished there had been some more footage with good olde Cap! and that shield of his, that one scene was strictly off the scene. I’m with you on this one I’m prayin THQ didn’t just shoot themselves in the foot by cancelling this release.

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