– Redline Anime Review –

I have to say right off the bat, I loved this movie! It’s has a lot of different elements that combine to make this a decent movie. The Art work and Bumping Music are two of the factors that made this movie fun. That and the crazy characters, it was like a combination of the old HOT ROD Racers meet Jet Set Radio Future with M-Project Suzumoto doing the soundtrack.

The relationship you see between JP and Sonoshee grow throughout the movie/pilot, and how JP’s partner seeks redemption and a number of smaller intertwining substories. The soundtrack by James Shimoji just blows away the house, it’s got a techno jazz feel all its own and all you want to do is hop in your car and just go cruising with it blaring from your speakers.

I’d love to go more into this but if I do I’d be guilty of spoliers and who wants that type of guilt right? Overall a great movie, regardless of what some others might think of the plot. I for one saw the smaller possibilities for tie-ins and lead-offs.

I’ll leave you with the URL for The site as well so you grab some of the goods from the site. Redline brought you By Tohokushinsha Film & Studio MADHOUSE, Distribution by Manga Entertainment on the US and UK. Running time 102 Mins. Comments are always welcome, but please keep it clean.



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