Oh my my, Burgers and Fries what I stumbled upon?

Well, I have to comment on this one. I just found out that someone I considered at some remote level an Arch of mine has come to blows with another arch and comparing them to me! (LOL) Yes, it is that same old loveable scamp Phantomgrift and my old arch-nemesis Rip (Real Names withheld for common reasoning).

Now before he (phant) comes running over here *again* to accuse and point the finger Justice saying I’m lurking, no in fact someone just pointed out that I was mentioned as a comparison to you with your current meandering at the community we used to mutually commune at. Funny how you’re the new “me” huh? I knew that it would happen and I even said it at one point before I left the place.

This is a just an odd turn of events. You get trolled because I’m no longer there. I read through some of the posts where you shall we say debated and just wow, all I can do is face palm and shake my head and just say remember not to feed the trolls, you know how hungry they can get. No worries, I won’t link the posts. Though again, have to say it was pretty funny to hear you become the new “leon”.


Oh don’t hate me cause I’m just

around at this point. LOL!



  1. J · November 29, 2011

    Heh, I knew that would cause you to comment.
    And no, I am most assuredly not the “new leon”.
    I haven’t changed anything I’ve done from what I did in the past, and I sure as hell hold a better grasp of typing than you ever appeared to have. Not to mention, I don’t get reduced to flaming anger by anything RIP types. He’s pulling the same stuff he’s always done, and you are apparently moved enough to gloat about it. That, my good sir, is comedy gold.

    So no, you’re not clowning, and you’re nowhere near disturbing enough to ever be something like Pennywise. You’re still the same, paranoid, lurking, delusional, short-tempered gomer you’ve always been. Just a lot older than most of us.

  2. Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

    I KNEW it! I knew you’d come a runnin! hehe Sure sure, say what you will. I’m the one laughing because Rip was right, as much as I hate to say it. I did need to get away from you guys and just find one of my outlets to tinker with. Now you’re the leon and I’m not you can deny it all you want. It’s simple as that and I’m enjoying it, and that’s what counts in my book.
    http://static1.grsites.com/archive/sounds/comic/comic003.mp3 Laugh track inserted here..

    • J · November 29, 2011

      Running? Not really. I’m bored because I work the night shift and when I’m on ship away from friends and family, well, what else am I supposed to do for entertainment. Being amused by those lesser than myself is always something I’m fond of.

      Hell, at this point, I’m the only one who looks at your blog on a regular basis. You haven’t had much since Lestat left.

      And no, I’m still not you. Rip is the same’ol, same’ol, and he amuses me to. Again, unlike yourself, I don’t erupt into sputtering incoherence because I took his insults seriously…. That was your modus operandi.

      • Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

        You can say what you will, but you have filled that spot that I left a number of yrs ago it seems there at the commune nowdays. Makes me glad I’m not there now.

  3. J · November 29, 2011

    Not really. I don’t post random nonsense about web-based browser games, I type better than you do. All things considered, I really haven’t “replaced” you nor “become” you.

    All that’s really happened is Rips line of insults and tactics have gotten about as stale as he claims mine has.

    But that’s okay, you’ll believe what you want. You’ve proven that you’re good at that over the years.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

      Not too sure what WP you’ve been reading much about. I’m mostly just posting what I consider fun. If you’re reading more into it than it is, well that’s you and you’re obviously entitled to your view, but it does seem you’ve received the vote of “no confidence” at the commune as it stands, supreme chancellor Phantatine.

  4. J · November 29, 2011

    Trust me, Rip alone does not speak for Clanbob, no matter how much he’d like to.

    • Lestat · November 29, 2011

      AH but by your of volition stated you had received private msgs and emails as such. So yes you are right that he holds as much power as led flashlight at the Grammy awards. I think you’re funny because you’re what now 30+ and the only thing that keeps you entertained is getting trolled by rip and a few others and coming here. Was that all you had? Seriously, I’d had expected better insults from you, now you just sound like a sad excuse of Don Rickles.

  5. Lestat · November 29, 2011

    What do you mean? You think I’m going to let you have all the fun on this? I thought this guy was done posting here. But as it stands this is funnier than hell.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

      I don’t need you to get involved in this. I just shared that link because it was given to me. You said you weren’t going to get involved in these conversations because it causes conflict and you get out of hand anyways from time to time.

  6. J · November 29, 2011

    Hah, not just one, but two inept yahoos. Classic.
    And one of them knows even less about me than Steve. His insults are on par with yours though, ill-typed and lame.

    “Lestat” you have proven you cannot read. The only thing I mentioned about private messages was that no others had piped in to validate Rips claim. You’ve also proven you can’t read or you would have noted that I’m currently deployed aboard a LHD assault ship in the middle of the ocean. Yes, indeed, when I’m not working, my options for entertainment are rather limited. Ergo, the internet and people of questionable intelligence such as yourself.

    Thank you Steve! I thought you’d gotten all angry with this guy and never wanted to deal with him again. That is how you normally operate isn’t it?

    • Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

      No, we discussed things over skype and nailed down a few things and worked out our differences. Lestat has issues of his own to deal with ones that I am not at liberty to say nor would I as it would be none of anyone’s business. I would like to add that he has quite an interesting mindset and does bring something worthy to contribute to a conversation if allowed in.

      As far as being deployed, woo you get to fish on your days off duty. What concern is it of mine that you are out to sea or in dry dock? I wouldn’t cast stones on that people of questionable intelligence such as yourself remark lest ye be casting it within a glass house.

      As it stand the argumentum debates you’ve had to cause a bit of a stir up between Desp and Dex mostly as well as few others but more aimed towards Dex and Desp for whatever reason and the posts pointing out that you’re acting like a mook. Questionable intelligence? Had it been I, I would have moved on by now for other topics/subjects to entertain one’s self. Unless it’s truly a charade/front for the amusement of commune?


      • J · November 29, 2011

        Your entire post is a sign of questionable intelligence. I honestly can’t understand what you’re trying to say because you’re attempting to use words that don’t need to be in that post.

        If nothing else, I can tell it is your poor attempt to insult and/or mock me, but that’s okay. Again, I’m used to that from you.

  7. Madarame-Harunobu · November 29, 2011

    Yes, its all to mock and insult the OH Wise and Glorious Phantatine Emperor of the galactic emptiness. Don’t give yourself too much credit.

    Added because the internet is “serious” business oh yes yes indeed.

    From Rip – (hi leon!)

    Hi Rip! (Goofy Grin)

    • Lestat · November 30, 2011

      I replied to give him some sense of validity. It’s just sad to see a 30 plus yr old man-child flail like that just to get back up and ask for more. Now even the people he knows on the web are starting to feel sorry for him.

      But jesus, after reading the long winded political crap he throws out there for the sake of pissing people off, well they say Karma if a woman is one not to scorned. Oh god I just saw what you did with that post entry, heh. This is all just laughable and I’ll say it yet again sad.

  8. J · November 30, 2011

    “Lestat”, you make the mistake in automatically assuming that these are “people I know on the web”. I don’t know them. I’ve never met them in person, I wouldn’t recognize them on the street. There may be one or two I’ve actually met in person. The rest are nameless, faceless entities that exist as long as I have a web-browser up.

    So despite your attempts to mock me, alas, there is no “flailing” on my part, I do not throw personal fits of rage because I’m not having the desired affect on the internet that I wish to. I simply log-on, post while bored, and then eventually log off. Half of what’s posted in reply, especially from the likes of you, Rip or Desp, is stuff I largely ignore.

    What’s going to happen? Am I going to be struck by the realization of a well-written post and bemoan the error of my ways? Or am I simply going to be amused that I got someone to respond to me out of an emotional state?

    Again, you lot take all of this entirely to seriously.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · November 30, 2011

      Yea, I’m taking everything you say SO seriously Emperor Phantatine. No truly this was so enlightening you have made me see the error of my ways! My horrible horrible typos and grammar are of such an embarrassment I will flog myself post haste!

      Of course this is what I would have said if any of it had an ounce a value or truth to it. With that I’m going to pack up and head home to enjoy a relaxing shower and warm meal with my family.

  9. Lestat · November 30, 2011

    Oh I concur M, Phantatine is making such a strong argument! I don’t know if we can cede to to his powers of AWESOMENESS! The 30+ year old Father in The Navy, Who’s “ONLY” Entertainment is to google people’s names and then attempt in some sad act to get some negative response out of the target so he can be “amused”. how sad does that truly sound?

    I’d be on Skype or Google plus talking to My Wife and New son instead of trawling google for some guy like M to pester and annoy. I mean really, it has boiled down to just that when all is pushed away and narrowed down to the raw truth. Which is what makes you sad, you realize this right? You no longer annoy, or irritate M you make him laugh at how sad you truly are at this moment in space and time.

    You should flog yourself at the Jedi temple and recite 20 Obi wans for your pentance. Go in sadness and shame .

    • J · December 1, 2011

      See, I can’t even take your replies seriously because you reveal how little you know about the military every time you type something new. It’s really rather fascinating.

      I’ll let you in on a little secret though. I’d SKYPE my wife if I had any means of contacting her other than email.

      It’s okay, I know your ignorance is rather well-developed. I don’t hold that against you.

      And yes Steve, it’s okay. You can go home to your wife, content with being a nearly fifty year old computer nerd who bemoans his lot every time he can’t go to ComicCon. And I’ll continue being the guy who is currently living in Japan.

      • Lestat · December 1, 2011

        Heh, if you really think it bothers him “that” much? I’d bet you’re sorely mistaken on that. There’s also nothing wrong with expressing not being able to go “Home” and enjoy an event you’d freq’ed with your friends because it’s one the only times you can.

        Furthermore, I know several friends in the military where using a webcam is permitted through skype so not sure what makes your ship so special that you can’t use it and are forced to make use of email alone.

        Ignorance can be splashed back into your face as well, because you’re the one that keeps coming back here. Which if anything provides entertainment not only for the watchers here, but at your own forums as well. For someone who doesn’t want to be seen as the ass of running gag joke you sure like to flash it often.

  10. DavidStrife7 · December 1, 2011

    I won’t resort to asinine comments about who’s in the wrong and the reasons supporting that; I’m simply going to advocate Steve’s position and share my support as a (or at least what I’d now consider after this amount of time) colleague.

    A person who takes their own shortcomings/misfortunes and uses it as a catalyst for lewd behaviour, or as an excuse for their misdemeanour’s are usually those who compensate for their lack of character and integrity.

    i.e Stop complaining, swallow your pride, be a man.
    You make your own decisions, you live with the consequences – You are dealt a hand, you play with it; don’t place blame or focus on aspects irrelevant to the discussion at hand in order to excuse yourself with the situation in which you find yourself in.

  11. Madarame-Harunobu · December 1, 2011

    The Rebuttal on the post
    Re: For Phant: I thought we were an Autonomous Collective
    by Phantomgrift » Thu 01 Dec 2011 04:10
    (Are we really going down this road again?)

    Or, now that I have some down-time yet again, I’ll elaborate just a little. Although you usually tend to ignore most of these as well.

    (You say this isn’t your life but I have to say a good portion of your time is spent on the community. This means you have a sad life if all you have is the community and your FB. You don’t even attempt to use your DA account to further your quest for entertainment. If you’re going to bring this up again I’m going to just pour out the piss and vinegar as I have kept bottled up for past few years in regards to you. )

    This is not my life.
    I’m in a job that leads to the following: Time with my wife = less time spent online. Time without her = more time online simply because of boredom.
    I lived on base for four years due to medical, three with no vehicle. A year in GTMO on independent duty. Now three months aboard a ship at sea. Yep, plenty of down-time with nothing to do. I’m an angry, less than sociable, sullen person. If stress factors go up, I find a fun way to deal with that is see if I can antagonize someone online. So I do.
    With but a handful of slap-dash nonsense, I can get Desp to present himself emotionally, railing about my intelligence, lack thereof, or any other number of factors that he hasn’t the foggiest notion about.
    With that same slap-dash nonsense, I can get you to pass forth inane judgment from your self-perceived position in Bob, supposedly telling me how I am why I am and other equally non-quantifiable rigmarole.

    (So what you’re saying here is that regardless of how you get it you crave attention? Good or bad you want attention for validation. I have to say that is a very sorry state that you’re in. Are you sure you’re not an ADD or ADHD type? I know I have ADD I think everyone I know, knows that, but I don’t seek out the type of attention you’re seem to be wanting. You seem to enjoy degrading a person’s view point political or otherwise without regard for their feelings of self-esteem or worth, you enjoying tearing down people because you can’t stand to be wrong or have your own viewpoints be overshadowed by anyone else. )

    It’s delightful! With little effort on my part, I have garnered a emotional reaction from someone I don’t even know online.
    To the point where you’re trying this quasi-guilt-trip something or another now. I find this highly entertaining.
    I mean, by your apparent means of thinking, lets look at say- Desp.
    Desp will go out of his way to post at length about all the supposedly amazing stuff he does. Things that, quite frankly, no one in a standard social setting would really care about.
    You! Unless you’re still presenting a persona, you like to give off this air that you are vitally important, nay, the most important factor of ClanBOB here. I mean, you maintain an avatar of a brooding Dr. Doom of all things.

    (You seem to always come up and state “he actively follows the threads here without logging in, simply to see if someone is talking about him”. This again, is incorrect, I was given the link to the thread by someone who does freq the boards and even posts every once in a cloudless grey moon. So don’t get that head of yours inflated too much, you might pop. I have however gone through the general discussion area and seen how you’ve been pissing on everything like a hound dog at the beginning of duck season and can’t get out the door fast enough. The scenes you’ve caused in replying to Desp and Dex in hopes of being entertained are not only sad but slightly disturbing if that’s how you’re finding your entertainment by trolling these people and not just these guys but others as well. You seem to be having more and more anti-social tendencies as you get older. You really should have that looked into. )

    Steve? Dear Leon? When he’s simply posting mundane crap, I leave him alone. When he posts tidbits that show he actively follows the threads here without logging in, simply to see if someone is talking about him? Heh, and you claim he’s moved on.
    I post because I like to get reactions.
    You are not going to somehow “chase” me away as you did with Steve. Nor am I going to suddenly be struck with enlightenment, because, oh mah god! RIP has spoken! He’s right! The internet is deadly serious business and I must turn from my slighted ways!

    ( Weird you’ve said you met at least 4 or 5 due to Sakuracon and some other convention you used to frequent on a yearly basis when you had the chance and got to do meet ups. Your Spouse came back a few times before her 1st official dismal by her own leave. You also like to just pester Desp, for the same reason you attempt to pester me. To get some type of attention out of him, good or bad and when you do, it’s all to just rile him up and piss him off on the community. As far as wigging out on you is concerned, I didn’t wig out. I just removed you from my FB friends list plain and simple. You’re the one that got pissy and tweaked out a post I had posted in regards to the issue at that time, posted it at the community to be laughed and judged on it without any real means of stating you falsified that post. Then brushed it off and attempted to coo your way back into my social circles again and when you realized you couldn’t, you decided you’d show your troll side and even stated so in the general discussion. Yes I did see that posting just a few minutes ago. Bottom line is I didn’t wig out on you. I got tired of your over paranoid delusional dream state that you are of no real wrong doing and all around you is incorrect and imperfect. Your attitude from what I’ve reviewed does suck; your political standpoint is definitely a skewed. I have a few more opinions, but those are personal and will be kept to myself. )

    I think I actively know one or two people here on Bob by name and/or in-person, outside of the board.
    Shoot, even my wife had left this board years and years ago. Long before I ever proposed to her for one thing.
    I know Desp’s real name simply because he likes to feed his ego and name-drop his various websites. I know Leons real name because I actively used to converse with him before he wigged out on me one day.
    You? I honestly don’t know who you are. I mean, you may have told me in the past, but the number of times you’ve pulled various “pretend to be someone else” “April Fools” type of gags, it’s not like I ever believed you’ve given me any information about you that is actually true.

    (And that is why you as well as many other fail at the internet at some dark turning points in your lives. When you can’t be the life of the party anymore, people start seeing the more realistic side of you. You can’t take that and you start to lash out and give others a hard time and trolling them to an annoying and alarming rate. While we’re at it, you also keep bashing that I typo and make grammar mistakes left and right as a trademark trait I have and that’s also incorrect. That’s why spellcheck and studying common punctuations is around to help with that. By reading your post, you could stand to use a refresher on spellcheck and punctuation I’m saying this as a courtesy, you can do what you want. )

    So with that, I still treat the internet like the anonymous, free-ranging joke that I’ve always perceived it as since the late nineties.
    I can’t change your mind, your thoughts, your beliefs, so it doesnt really matter. You’ll continue to believe what you believe, and the only way that would ever change is the rare event of meeting you in real life. So yes, mock away, conduct the same dialogue you’ve been engaged in for the last five years. It’s not going to really affect me much outside of the chance to see if I can get any additional response.

    (Mock you? I pity you more than anything else. I hope you can straighten yourself out before you go stateside and start thinking about how a father should be and act. Welcome to my old world finally Emperor Phantatine. I hope you can dig yourself out. )
    Signed “M”

    • j · December 1, 2011

      I’m sorry, did any of that have a point?
      It’s okay, I recognize your attempts to be superior. It didn’t work in the past, it still doesnt work now.

      Your misguided notions as to why I do any of this are equally good at breaking the monotony of my current daily routine. Hell, any time anyone you know posts with their own two-cents as to why I do or do not do certain things is fascinating. People I don’t know are still attempting to call me out on who I supposedly am, without having ever known me outside of a few keystrokes.

      You really fail to understand. I do this to get reactions.
      If it’s Lestat trying to smugly tell me about Skype in the military when he has no clue about the what the military does or doesnt allow per commands.
      If it’s some new idiot I don’t know showing his own flawed interpretation by telling me to “be a man”‘.
      If it’s you, still pulling the same classic “tit-for-tat” brand of attempt at counter-argument, and still being 100% wrong.

      Heh. That’s reaction.
      I’m entertained. I got a couple of complete strangers to appear as utter morons based entirely on my own standards. Nothing to do with “being an attention-whore”. Simply the most basic kinds of trolling at a value-entertaining-seeking levels.

      Thank you. Per my own standards, this was fairly worthwhile and will continue to be so as long as anyone remotely responds with their own haughty air about why it is I supposedly do what I do. I do enjoy watching people make fools of themselves on someone they know nothing about.

      • Madarame-Harunobu · December 1, 2011

        You should get a mirror then, that way you’ll always be entertained. Sad, but entertained. My posting had nothing to do with Superiority. It was just a note of observation. As far as lestat and Dave go, no pressure from me. They post of their own accord, David is pretty insightful and will give ya an honest answer from what he’s seen and assessed from the prior evidence.

        No, you keep clinging to this sense that trolling is fun and entertaining, it’s not and what goes around comes around like the saying Karma if a woman is not one to scorn if you wish to live a long and fruitful life. Believe what ya like I’ve posted my opinions and view on ya, only people that have to live with ya is your wife and kid, and god help them if you start treating them like you do the people you interact with on the net.

  12. Lestat · December 2, 2011

    Morons eh, Yea googling people to troll is such a high and all-encompassing endeavor. I tremble at the power you wield. Not really but that’s probably how you perceive it with your holier than thou, nose so far in the air you’d drown if it rained hard enough attitude. You keep professing this boredom you suffer while On being the Deck Duty Officer, well believe it to not there is this thing call YouTube, and Hulu, and Veoh that you can also use to entertain yourself with.

    M’s is right of course and trolling no matter how self-gratifying it may or may not be to some is just wrong bottom line. I’m guilty of it in my past, but M’s and others did point out how much of an ass I’m perceived as online as well as in my social circles as of late and I can say I’m trying to be better about how I treat people online or off an asshole is just that an asshole unless proven otherwise. So if you’re really a father now? I’d start reflecting and start trying to change back to decent person rather than…….you are currently.

  13. J · December 2, 2011

    Threats of karmic kickback from Steve, and further proof from “lestat” that he doesn’t have the faintest idea about how the Navy works.

    “lestat”, I’ll let you in on another little bit of helpful knowledge. Due to security risks, all of the programs you’ve mentioned are not allowed to be utilized onboard. They won’t work on the ships systems. They won’t work on your own laptop because the bandwidth we hold is devoted to more important functions.

    • Lestat · December 2, 2011

      Well then brighteyes, you should have let M in on that little tidbit of information. Knowledgble deniability just makes you look even more of an ass than previously suspected. Security factors, well I can understand that to a point but there is some leeway with that as well.

      I have a fellow techie on a repair ship who’s on her tod that has access to youtube and they don’t seem to jump her shit for it. What makes her so special then?

      Also, never mentioned use of onboard anything. I wouldn’t presume you could or would be allowed to do such for said security reasons, and for the laptops? I’m pretty sure your techbees could easily setup a confirmed secured proxy with filters to allow YT, or hulu through without too much difficulty. Then again what do I know,

      • j · December 3, 2011

        Apparently you don’t know a great deal of anything.
        Restrictions are governed by the individual command, your “friend” is not special and I’ll repeat my other line.

        “Our bandwidth is devoted to more important functions.”

        Would you like to continue proving that you know nothing of the Navy, and even less about me?

      • Madarame-Harunobu · December 3, 2011

        Really, Phantatine, seriously? You’ve already shown your ass on my blog several times on this thread alone. I would have suspected you would have toddled off to troll somewhere else since thee’s not really much to be said here anymore between you and me. As far as I’m concerned the discussion is pretty much over.

        In reply to Josh I think its his inability to accept the fact that he got called out it was proven for the most part and now he’s mad. He’s says he does it for entertainment purposes and a number of times he’s accused me of it by saying I’m actively lurking at what the community has to say or “He’s watching us to se if we talk about him”, that’s the pathetic part, although I have to say that part where Rip said hi leon in small print recently was oddly enough quite humorous. He just can’t come to the terms of “I’ve moved on Phant, why can’t you” and has issues plain and simple or at least that does what appears to be.

        P.S. Good to see you again Josh.

  14. J.W. Colossal · December 3, 2011

    I’ve never been sure which is sadder: Phant’s convenient never-ending supply of likely made-up personal crises he trots out to justify his behavior whenever someone calls him on his bullshit, the dedication to an internet tough guy act that would be considered pathetic in a person more than a decade younger than he claims to be, or his creepy obsession with people who left the BOB community years ago and/or habitually disagree with him.

    • J · December 3, 2011

      This is all the justification I need right here.
      An endless parade of people passing their self-righteous judgment upon me when they know nothing about me whatsoever. I mean, obviously I would lie about having cancer, cause you know, this is the internet!

      A lot of others in boards past have figured out why I keep posting replies to arrogant rubes such as yourself.

      • Madarame-Harunobu · December 3, 2011

        yea right, and you replying like that totally doesn’t make you look like an ass. We’re SO “Self-righteous” and totally in the wrong about you! You’re such the kind humanitarian, discovering the cure for MS and Donating your Naval retirement fund to the orphanage of runt kittens. *Rolls eyes* There, you have a plate of crap for you to feed upon of mighty Phantatine, Bon Appétit. (LOL)

      • J.W. Colossal · December 3, 2011

        We do know something about you; how you interact with other people on the internet. That information gives us little reason to take anything you say at face value. And furthermore…

        Wait, I seem to have run out of fucks to give.

  15. J · December 3, 2011

    Haughty tones, grade-school level insults, leet speak… Man, this is ridiculously entertaining and makes me wonder how long I can get you guys to keep it up.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · December 3, 2011

      I can always just close the comments off. I just don’t understand why you come here instead of the JP forums. You signed up for it and then just forgot about it, or you just like trolling my blog for some odd twisted reason. OH wait for “Entertainment” that’s right. Grade school level insults? I don’t see them I just decided to speak my mind about you and this came about of its own natural course.

      You’d think you’d have got the message, but this one of the few times I decided to just go all out and give you both barrels. I find you thinking that just because someone else decided to call you Leon and you think its me amusing, because now I’m again the one entertained. You just reinforce that image of being paranoidal, and alienating someone you assume to be me. Assume much don’t you. It also just dawned on me that maybe you need Jeff Davidson’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Managing Your Time, maybe you can learn how to manage that free time you have so much of.

      This is just another reason why I wanted to just get away from you. Sad that you have to be told that part of the reason I dropped you as a friend was your assumptions and delusions. Like I said you seem to need some help in certain aspects of yourself.

  16. j · December 4, 2011

    Yep, typical Steve. It’s never his fault, it’s always the other person. Except of course when he’s “giving me both barrels”.

    If that’s your idea of barrels of anything, then you really need to work on your comebacks. You are, and ever will be, clueless.

  17. Madarame-Harunobu · December 4, 2011

    There is that same stale reply back. Your attempt to get me to blow up and rage at you saying everything is my fault is old. Its like beating off “Mr. Ed” *A dead horse*. I think its time to just close this particular thread, and time for you to see a therapist. Maybe Command should re-think where they assign you duty wise.

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