From MOLOT Entertainment – First Squad – Movie Review

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First Squad – 2009 I can say after viewing this movie, it fits up there with Legend of the Overfiend, in the content portion of the fictional science and the reference usage of the Occult and the ritualistic practices therein, Minus the pornographic material Legend of the Overfiend had however that movie the use of tapping the supernatural were both on opposite sides of the spectral coin. Mother Russian took to the technical view and application side of it with the establishment of The 6th Division and the use and training of ESpers who have shown certain psychic abilities.

The “Nazi” German army’s secret intelligence division/order known as the “Ahnenerbe” which was reputed for its research and procurement of ancient religious artifacts and the anthropological history of the Aryan race, which was a front for the order to practice and make use of said artifacts in hopes of winning the war through black magic and other occult practices.

The story is based mostly around Nadya and her ability to seer into the near future and what she sees is Russia losing to The Nazi invasion through the use of Black magic and Necromancy to rise Baron Von Wolff one of Der Deutsche Orden /The Teutonic Knights of St Mary and use him and his fallen knights against The Red Army’s front lines in what is known as one the “Moments of Truth” where the dead can come back push through the veil that separates our two worlds and can alter the true path of how the human race travels upon through history.

However we find that Nayda is the only one who by use of “Sputnik-01” (I didn’t name it!) a explorative device where one strapped into and with the proper dosage of chemical X could travel to the other side. She is given the task of finding the 4 other members of her squad while there to convince them to help Mother Russia’s Army and to defeat The Baron Von Wolff and his minions.

Will this end in naught? I know and I will not ruin it for you, all I will say is that it is one for the collectors out there for those into alternate histories of alternate or parallel earths. The Movie brought to you By Molot Ent. And Studio 4°C. Definitely worth every dollar spent.