Bill would permit robo-calls to your cell phone

Bill would permit robo-calls to your cell phone.  Seriously, who the fuck came up with that brilliant piece of charmin? because that’s pretty much all its good for. Someone out there is just wanting to get their ass kicked if they think they can get that bill passed through and approved.  Oh and if by some twist of paid out fate it does get passed? I can tell you right now the outrage would be heard across the nation from all the way in far south seas to the far northen area of new york of anger at the asshats that place their signature on that piece of filth.

Being able to allow Debt collectors or worse Telemarketers to call you regardless of the Do not Call registry using a blanket saying it’s for informational pruposes is a bunch o crap and the ones that thought it up should be the one the few that against should be shoved and placed against the firing squad wall when the revolution hits. I’ve had that debt collector call hounding my house phone for 4 months and didn’t stop till a threatened them with a lawsuit for breaking the do not call act, atfter being told repeatedly “NO ONE BY THE NAME LIVES HERE GASASS QUIT CALLING!”.

Yea, I’m going have to say voting yes on that bill would like saying “Sure I love being woken up at 11 pm to answer some STUPID FUCKING SURVEY ON KNIT BOOTEY WARMERS FOR MICE Study. I mean …….FUCK! Seriously???


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