1st post of 2012

Hey, so first post of the year, YAY me! Christmas was ok. I got 2 gift cards, a domokun (yes my kids got me a domokun.) and I got myself an R/C Astrometric Droid action figure from Star wars off eBay. I also got my wife a 60 gig hard drive for her laptop and a stick of 256 of Ram since it only handles up to 512, only thing I have to fix now is the power port on the back of the laptop and it will be in top form.

I also got a copy of Cod MW3 for myself off eBay last week and funny thing, Scott one the guys in my gaming guild got me a copy as well on steam. So I’m handing off the retail copy I’m getting to my co-worker who got me the 60 gig drive and memory and we’re square. Cod MW3 is actually fun, just wished I could hit the broader side of the barn. So if you see HerrMaestro-OFC in Cod MW3 be a little merciful…….thanks.

We’re also seriously considering dropping Cable TV and upping the internet speed and doing Hulu plus and Crackle for TV time, I mean spending 1**.00 + on Cable and Internet is a bit much and if you have a Blu-ray or a Gaming console with wireless as an option why wouldn’t you just drop cable and go internet? I’m also down to 232 now, from 270 Lbs. last year; still have to work on the abs though. Anyways, I am back to work and will post up later.



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