Computer issues and Followup on the Battle Royal High School Drama fest precording.

What have I been doing since the last podcast? Well, I took the plunge and went x64 bit on Windows 7, that said I have an code 641 I have to beat to wrap around my head and learn what is actually causing said issue. I thought it was this POS shit HDD I had, a 60 gig Hitachi “Deathdrive” I had in an older machine and was throwing issues at me and not wanting to become a slave drive for a cooler much more impressive machine it was used for beforehand. Seems the aftermath of Drama Diva Queen CG is not at an end as we thought either.

Even though it’s doesn’t officially have his name on it, I found a post on our podcast site here saying we’re assholes and it’s all our fault and might as well say CG isn’t at fault at all OH no, he just a victim and everyone picks on him and he does nothing to have people blame him for the events that transpire around him, OH NO INDEED! The guy just needs to seriously grow up, calm down, and maybe go on Ritalin and get some therapy to confront his own issues such as foot in mouth disease for one.
Some advice points for you CG,

1. Don’t divulge private information on a community forum and not expect flammage.
2. Don’t slam someone for mentioning it when it was already publicly accessible information
3. Don’t come on to X-podcast state that said podcast crew does not have that many listeners
4. Especially don’t insult people on the crew old and new, it’s disrespectful and really justifies certain actions.
5. Don’t go to X-podcast’s webpage/Facebook/wordpress/MySpace and leave anon msgs on how they’re assholes and no one listens to them anyway.

CG brought this on himself, I’m not going to give you his real name, that would be plain disrespectful to his privacy. I will simply state that CG is very immature, has a very low understanding and grasping what privacy means and having some decorum and common sense in acting during certain activities and or how to report them properly. These are my opinions and I am speaking for myself on this one since I do not know how the others really feel about this. I did apologize for how I went about telling CG on what happened and how some of us felt at the time and I still feel that way and if just not a little creeped out over the whole thing.

With regards to my machine? Well it is what it is and I will be working on it between home and picking up Girl Scout cookies and doing the podcast tomorrow night at 8 PM MST. This week, we’ll be discussing OVA 3 of BGC and the ADP, as well as some possible betas and the posting the links for said betas so please focus your attention to our FB group because we’ll be posting those there! The CoolKidClub Facebook Link Join up if ya like we don’t bite honest!



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  4. CG · February 27, 2012

    Look, I’m gay,”Edited due to the lewdness and beyond lowbrow humor, not to mention giving yet another bad name to the homosexual community out there. And assuming I’m Mormon” You’d better not come to Erie, or I’ll shake up a bottle and have it squirt all over one of those computers you’re repairing. No amount of Wi-Fi knowledge will restore your Mormons for Mitt screensaver.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · February 27, 2012

      I could care less if you were gay, straight, or Do Rintintin and Benji on weekends at The Hilton. You’re a moron that took the bait as well by posting here “idiot”. Talking smack to my crew, throwing empty threats at Dustin to get him thrown off the podcast by creating a petition? Also threatening to sue Meson the guy that owns if he doesn’t do what you tell him? I’d have laughed at you flipped you the bird and told you to go Fu** yourself.

      You’re lucky you’re not in Utah. I’d have piss smacked you across the side of the head and tossed you in the corner with the rest of the spoiled redheaded stepchildren. You’re also an idiot for ass-u-me’ing I’m a Mormon you dumbass, even the trolltards know I’m not Mormon you dumbfuck “assume much still Gomer DERP DERP. God! if you had 3 brain cells you’d be a dangerous and armed motherfucker, dipstick!

      Did you know that? I bet you didn’t, I bet you sit locked in your room in the basement or the attic where you dad supposedly beats you and locks you away from the outside world and that the net and the podcast was one the true ways to express yourself and furrielove for your furrie friends out there in furrieworld because you’re a furrie in the closet but not the gay type of closet because we all know you’re gay as 7 Dollar “Paris Hilton” Bill! But the furrie closet where you have dreams of dressing up like Pikachu just so you can stroked by Ashe and all his manliness and he strokes you and your poke balls.

      No, Mr. Chumbucket you shot yourself in the foot the moment you opened your mouth and told Josh about one of your Drug using, boozing it and “other things to repulsed to repeat” ex-boyfriends, who decided to “run away” like the felon he is and not expect to have peeps report it, DUMBASS. Crawl back under your internet rock, watch/read your gay yaoi anime and manga because that’s just about all you’re fucking good for you sad sad sack of skin stealing oxygen from those worthy of breathing.

      Some of us actually got out and made something of ourselves out there. What are you? Some 22 yr old man child in supposed therapy because from what I hear you’re and abused person and are in therapy for it. 22 yrs old and you couldn’t stand up to your old man and put him down in his place? HOW sad are you?

      I feel nothing but disgust, repulsed and dirty just replying to you. After talking with the team and I mean all of them, they all basically said the same thing you’re about as mature as a 12 yr ADHD with severe ADD issues at a cosplay convention dressed as master yoshi sorta like this. Minus the cool moves and all.

  5. wildoliveleaf · February 27, 2012

    And the point of all this flaming and counter-flaming is…?

    • Madarame-Harunobu · February 27, 2012

      The target in Question “CG” basically trolled Josh, and opened his mouth when he shouldn’t have and should have instead kept his mouth shut and took it to an adult since he has the mind of a manchild.

  6. Breen · February 28, 2012

    This is entertainment of the finest sort the interwebz has to offer!

  7. samsung 1080p hdtv · February 28, 2012

    This content is by far the best I’ve read on the Internet to date. Your first paragraph drew me in just by the way it looked. You are very talented and I hope you continue.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · February 28, 2012

      Oh i cont. to troll when there is a need to. CG just happened to be the one to shoot himself in the foot when he tried to open fire on me and the podcast crew.

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