Monday Posting from the Win 7 x64 Machine. Bubblegum Crisis turns 25 yrs old In Feb 2012

Finally got the system online working and stable, I only have to flash the raid and install the drivers for the x64 edition sata raid card and I’ll have a fully operational 4 drive array with Dual Dvdrw drives with 2 ide HDD to boot as well. I am still trying to figure out how to repair the faceplate of the case. UDK is re-installed and dedicated to a 40 gig hdd along with Maya 2012.
As you can see down below there has been some drama involved. Don’t give it any mention, I don’t think I’d want to hear that CG went crying to his therapist because I butthurted his feeling on my blog because he acted like dick and attempted to push the blame on others. Junior just needs to grow up and grab some maturity and make something of himself other than being a sponge, get face reality head long and quit keeping his buried in the sand.
ON the lighter side of news, this month marks the 25th Year and Milestone of Bubblegum Crisis/Crash and OVA Concert Footage VHS tapes we loved to rock out to when we went driving. I will celebrate buy posting this clip of the Opening Seq track from the CD Single.

I want to find a textless edition of the opening Seq. This really does deserve a reboot as an AMV. I think I will discuss this with a few of my peeps and see what we can do. In the meantime enjoy the clip and enjoy life, live each day as if it was your last and live to the best. Stay healthy my friends



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