Reveiw: UDK Programming with UnrealScript a Beginners Guide to Unreal Enlightenment.

First off, let me say what a great privilege this is to have been able to do a read through and apply the lessons that are in the chapters and the explanations and how they work.  I thought at 1st this was going to be a tedious tasking, being someone who dislikes having to use mathematics in programming. Being someone with a slight learning curve, Ms. Cordone AKA AngleMapper to the unreal community brings programming with UDK fun for the new user.

I was asked to review a particular chapter of the book, and sadly I cannot. Why? Because the whole book itself is a great read and learning tool to those that are starting out and have questions on how the inner working of UDK work and are applied within each other. The hands on examples are great as you can apply them to your own alpha as you’re building your game and its environment. About ¼ the way thru the book I got to the awesome actor section and was always curious on how the actor/model stood on the floor without going halfway through it which was always something I beat my head against.

But after reading through that particular section I was able to understand and wrap my head around it. I finally knew the values and how the rotation worked without the headache I would end up giving myself in the end in frustration. All in all for Ms. Cordone’s Guide to UDK I for one am giving this book a 9.5 out of 10 for aiming towards the little guy and addressing issues some of us out here with learning curve issues and helping us grasp and understand the concepts and learning from them at that angle. I thank Rachel and Shaveer for this great opportunity it is a pleasure finally to grasp things that seemed more complicated than they actually are. You can order this informative and enjoyable guide to programming in unreal at Packit Publishing again I wish to thank Rachel and Shaveer for this oppertunity. It has been enlightening to say the least.

Steven. A Lundberg

Jade Phoenix Studios

Admin/Project Lead



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  3. CG · March 16, 2012

    I hate this book. Admittingly, I accidentally dropped it on my CENSORED and all CENSORED came out of it. What’s the point of all that stuff anyway? Is it CENSORED because of some kind of sick Mormon magic from this book? The picture on the cover is clearly of the galaxy containing Kolob and your evil homophobic God. I can’t believe you Mormons have even perverted technology textbooks. Well, it’s okay, I’m going to make a game using the knowledge I gained from this book to make a first person shooter where I can shoot all you evil Mormons. It’ll feature you, Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney, Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young as villains. Death to Mormonism! When I die, those bastards better not posthumously baptize me, or my gay ghost will have its sodomistic revenge.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · March 17, 2012

      Author: CG (IP:,

      Wow, I thought you had slinked away under some rock never to be seen again, what a shame. You’re not even into game development, this is just some trollolious poke and getting attention, well you have it now and I had dropped the whole subject 2 weeks ago and dismissed you like so much dust on a cleaning rag. I also loved that you assume I’m mormon because I live in utah, I’m not but thanks for assuming and showing how much of a hater you can truly be and showing your true colors to the public on my blog, where when you’re in a forum or on IM you try to act nice and coy with everyone. in fact you had a DA account made JUST so you could try to win people of and try to make friends. Wow that was 7 yrs ago since the last post save for my own. Does that tell you something?

      You come here on my blog and want to throw down? Fine, but remember you came here and throw down the gauntlet I slapped in your poindexter face, the only reason you’re even gay is because no woman would want you, the 2nd is you only seem to date Trysexuals (Tries anything on 2 to 4 legs) not only that, but some drug using loser that openly admitted to molesting his sister and doing thing to domestic house pets? That’s gross that nasty and that is a total turn off to anybody.

      You trashed Josh, you trashed me and Dustin, and you expected us to show forgiveness and compassion, and let you back on the show where at the pre-recording you said no one even listened to the show, and then later during the confrontation where I called you out, you weakly stated it was in jest and shouldn’t have been taken so seriously. Your tone and mannerism in regards to it at the time sounded most indeed in earnest and sincere.

      I’ve been told by the crew you’ve done this quite a number of times and that they put up with it because well that was you and that was the way you were.

      Well, from what I listened to, and considered you were what brought the podcast down, you didn’t add anything but mostly stupidity and ignorance to the show. You could have been a better avatar for the gay and otaku community by not acting so openly flamboyant and always acting like a diva that just got butt hurt on rainbow parade day. I find you to be a nasty internet troll that should have your internet privileges revoked and his PC/Mac destroyed in front you.

      I’ve said my piece and I apologize to the open public on this, but this particular person has been stalking my blog and the podcast site I and a few friends run. So again my apologizes and please passby again when there won’t be something trollnasious on it.

  4. Matt Dowsett · March 17, 2012

    Hey I molest my house pets. You take that back sir. LOL Do you really want me to start in on this guy mr Admin sir?

    • Madarame-Harunobu · March 17, 2012

      I’m allowing open season for all comments aimed at Mr. CG. he was fully warned and give the disclosure in regards to this blog. But to be fair, it was one of his drug using incest breeding beastilist ex-lovers that liked giving the bone to rin tin tin. ( -_-; )The following IP address(es) have been auto-banned – user attempted more than ten failed logins – as well as 172.* on Jade Phoenix as I have seen this person attempt to gain entry to the team’s forum and intersanctum.

  5. Matt Dowsett · March 17, 2012

    Do kids read this site?

    • Madarame-Harunobu · March 17, 2012

      Not sure but yea I’ve considering the screening option on it. I’m all for freedom of speech and all but CG has really pushed the veil on this. But what gets me is that this CG Character openly admits to being gay and such and yet he comes on here and trashes rachel’s book or at least that’s what it seems all in the hopes that it will piss me off in some fashion, all it did was gave me a great laugh and showed the world what type of advocate CG is for The Gay Anime/manage gamers out there. WAY TO GO CG! *WHISTLES OF HURRAH* WAY TO GO YOU RAISE THAT BAR GUY! YOU GO ! WOO! WOO! WOO!

  6. Dustin Kopplin · March 17, 2012

    Steve, its probably someone else acting like CG just to start this up again. Just be chill about it.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · March 17, 2012

      Maybe, but the IP address did turn out to be the same one that were at JP yesterday and last monday.

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