Monday an hour ahead makes the day seem short

Currently at work, on break so don’t get up in my grill. Weekend “sucked” 250 gig Sata Hard drive died just after doing an image backup of it, thank god I was able to do that much at least this time. So, I worked on it had about 4+ hours of sleep since Friday IM’d a few peeps on tech support *off the click* to maybe see about getting an extra pair of hands to help guide me where I might be going wrong on the restore.

Restore wasn’t restoring as it should have been. No reason either to explain the incident. Image verified as clean, BCD/Bootable according to the hard drive after restore, I even went to the bios and told it that it was safe to boot from the hard drive again. Still Disk Failure insert a system disk press enter. After about 7 hours of testing and diagnosing I placed in a support ticket out of frustration and sheer stupidity on my part. But Darren was cool about it and just said bring in today and we’ll test it out to see what is going on with it.

So, currently while I’m at the front desk, the OS backup image is being re-verified so I don’t look like some crazy nut that is off his rocker. Maybe the logs will show tier 2 something that I didn’t see or had passed up not seeing it for what it was? In either way I am hoping that the system will be restored and operational by the time I get off work to take care of the house and other daily duties that await my after work hours as well.