March 18th thru the 23rd Summary

On Tuesday, the world of otakudom suffered a great and tragic loss we have lost legendary director Noboru Ishiguro. Irony is a cruel mistress indeed as it also marks the thirtieth anniversary of the Ishiguro-helmed The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, which will not only FINALLY come on Blu-ray at the beginning of the 3rd quarter tentatively July 26 along with a plethora of bonus behind-the-scenes materials, bonus discs, a pencil sketch booklet. It’s a good way to go to remembering Ishiguro-san to celebrating his greatness that is Macross! We see on bridge our Captain Ishiguro of the SDF-01 and we salute you as you and The Fortress go off to defend our Otakuverse, BE FORVER NOBORU SENSEI! BE FOREVER!

My mainboard is defunked and has lost a sata port on the board itself, one the 320 gig drives died but I am having it RMA’ed for a sata replacement instead of the IDE the original one was, so I have a complete sata setup but a board that’s messed up. So I’m pulling the Video card, the 4 gigs of Ram and bagging them up and letting them sit on the shelf till I can afford a new mainboard. One that has 4 sata ports on it and 4 ram slots.

Girl Scout cookies are almost completely sold finally; I don’t think I’ll be doing that again though. Still have a case of Samoas still in the living room as well as a case of trefoils. -_-; we should have them sold soon enough though however. The month of March just suck plain and simple and I just need to have some good things go my way this time. OH! And this was just icing on the cake, on that same Tuesday, I got to find out that my blood sugar was over 300 “300” how!?! Well let’s see I gained 10 lbs. in a month and a week and I’ve been drinking Mello Yello and cup of noodle. I think that might have some serious contributions to it. So, it’s back to green tea and light eating again it seems. Hopefully my blood sugar will be back to normal by next Tuesday.

With it being my wife’s Birthday coming up at the end of next week, not much to report on. Cool Kids Club will be airing twice a month instead of once a week, we have done some promo spots, and we’re going to have some special guests coming up in late spring early summer. So please feel free to tune zone out and listen to 4 guys and a Gal talk about anime, technology manga and sometimes out in left field completely



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