Week of 04/09/ to 04/13/ and the events that transpired.

Hey what’s going on everyone? It’s spring finally, and I’ve been in my backyard fighting the overgrown grass and weeds. Found out while out there we have vermin! They are gophers and moles to be exact, so I’ve had to become a villain and lay down poison down the holes and mounds and make sure that they get the message to clear off my parcel of land.

Also took the wife to see American reunion 2 weeks ago before anyone else. Found out about the new Mass Effect anime Paragon lost, and a new series on HULU called Accel world. Seen the 1st two Eps on hulu and I’m hooked.
It’s the basic otaku dropping into a virtual world reality to escape his own. He is helped of one the upperclassman girls of the school and one of the most popular and on the student council as well. I think however that the upperclassman student has more up her sleeve than she is letting on.

The hard drive on the machine somehow made a remarkable recovery because now it says its fine and healthy, not dirty in the slightest. The replacement hard drive for Robotics lab 1 came in last week. Now I just have to get enough funds to replace the bad mainboard and get the OS restored on it which should take much to do. I almost have the funds to repair the wife’s laptop but I’m still roughly 35 $ short.
However I did sell those CCTV Cameras I bought off ebay to a friend of mine in ohio for 20.00 +shipping which should help her fix her mother’s house security. Seems there might be some trouble with the landscaping people she hired to help out on the property and going through her stuff in the garage while her mother is sleeping or away.

In other news I found an old friend through a mutual friend on FB here recently. It’s been roughly 9 to 10 yrs now I think since I last talked with her before she pulled a Houdini and vanished off the web for a good long awhile till recently. Will have to try to attempt to catch up with her at some point and see what each other has been up to over the past 9/10 years. Well crud burgers almost time to clock out and jet to the post office, get gas and get home to help with dinner and see how one of my wee ones are recovering over some nasty bug she caught.

Oh and yet again Matt Dowsett has been drop kicked back to the minor leagues back to his little site on the net where the rest of his lowborw nerdherd graze as the rednecks tend to their needs. All because he had to follow me and post up where didn’t need to be. Nor the rude shit he posted on my FB was well. No, just like a certain someone I know this one also got kicked to the curb, but only on slightly related topics and reasons.


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