Manga Reveiw of Kingyo’s Used Books

So what is Madarame reading this time? I’m reading Kingyo’s used Books, a 12 Volume series that revolves around manga and how it entwines with people’s lives in a regular basis. I’ve read thru up to volume 4 so far and the journeys some of these sedories go through all In the name of manga and its preservation as a media culture is really quite a read and an enjoyable one as well.

One of the things I did notice and quite contrary to what Mr. Santo Carlo says, the back of the books give footnotes and points of reference to help broaden the mind of those getting into manga or those already involved but did not know of X manga had this or that involved in it. I found it to be educational as well as fun.

So I have to disagree to what he said Mr. Carlos in his Anime News Network column “Right Turn Only” gave the manga a grade of “B”, saying that “if you want to get a non-manga fan into manga, this is probably not the manga to give them.” Mr. Carlos went on to say, “Kingyo is, if anything, too fixated on giving history lessons, trying to drown the reader in footnotes and details rather than letting the series speak for itself.” Which I think is the total opposite, I think has the footnotes in the back can clearly give more insight to the reader on the subjects being discussed within the manga itself.

It does give the reader some educational liners in there. I found some of the information enlightening in the way it was present and having the footnotes in the back was a good move as to not hit the reader right off the bat but rather when they did get to the end of the volume where they could check out the omake and footnotes IF the reader deemed to do so. But no spoilers, rather best to contact your local library and ask if they Kingyo’s used books from Viz Media in their manga section but if they don’t? Make the suggestion to getting it!



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