Ravaged a “2 Dawn Game Title “- Trailer review Entitled “Ravaged”

If you like what you see please support these guys on KickStarter Take a look at their first teaser trailer to Ravage a 3rd person/1st person shooter that looks like it takes place in one of those Mad max films. There are quite a few nice features in this and you can tell the team did a lot of hard work and effort into the project. The Gyro-Helios, the pieced out hobble built vehicles that you’d see in great epic classics B Movies like “Hardware” and “The Omega Man” and even “Damnation Alley”. I like the desert scenery the level designer did with the highway overpasses and crossways. I am hoping to see a trailer showing off battle sequences in the urban part of the cities and how they were structured. Where sniper nests might be, how to get to them, and the like.



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