End of April 2012 summary

So not the month I wanted. So far I’ve been without my monster machine for a month and working as much as I can to raise up enough to repair my wife’s laptop which will more or less now fail as the a/c power port on the back of her laptop is blown and refuses to stay connected. I am giving her my Compaq Evo N800c Laptop instead I am uninstalling the skype and removing my robotics lab software,  my music and giving her the machine with a clean install of vista ultimate 64Bit and office.


I also received the replacement  Hard drive from Seagate last week but to my surprise they did in fact stay  true to their word and sent in replacement of the IDE 320 Gig drive I received a 320 gig Sata drive so in fact once I am able to swap out my motherboard with a new one, which the hard drive controller was the only thing wrong with it, the cpu and memory and Pcie are fine, I should be able to run nice and smoothly again since I did back up my operating system this time.


My eldest’s laptop is starting to show signs of severe hardware issues, and a laptop chassis that will take more than just a little bondo and sandpaper to take care of. But I have already started on and have almost completed rebuilt 900 MHz dell latitude from scrap dells a friend gave me as a project. I have a spare monitor lid I want to swap out due to a line of dead pixels straight down the middle and the spare doesn’t have that issue so I’ll be swapping that out, then just get a laptop drive to install on in and it should be good to go on it. Plus it will beat the pants off the old Windows 2k pro 266 MHz Dell she’s been working off of over the past 2 yrs.


Debating on whether to place in a multi card reader in the machine once it’s rebuilt or not. I will however be building a 4 driver array with the controller card I got from a friend of mine while we tried to troubleshoot the old one. Dealing with al lot of asshats lately thru the FB gaming scene, tons of trolls that have nothing better to do than to harass and annoy you and others while you try to accomplish your game goals.


It’s sad truly sad that people have to become the assholes they were harassed by in school in some way to compensate for the lack of popularity they yearned for in high school and nay do I dare say college as well? Or maybe they were/are just assholes outright and like making a game or life in general difficult for others which sounds like the majority vote on that.


Meh, if that’s what it takes to get them thru the day, all I can do just block them and be done with them myself.  Oh and I -=know=- there will be those out there that say “But that’s so immature of you to block them, why not be a man and just ignore them? Because at some point you get sick of it plain and simple, and if an opportunity arises to block and eliminate said annoyance and counter productive environment I’ll take it rather than dealing with them because in past events ignoring them is just not an option in some cases. Well in any case, hopefully by next month I should have my beast reawakened again and maybe improved upon a tiny bit as well, till May, talk to you soon. 



  1. san diego computer repair · May 9, 2012

    “Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers.” – Leonard Brandwein

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