Saturday 5/26/2012

Hey, great weekend so far! Got the garden weeded and partially planted in till it started raining, but the hard work did get done. Now if I can get rid of the stupid dead quake in the back and grind the stump down I’ll be set and done as far as major work in the backyard for the summer is done.

The HALO 2 auction is about to end soon 17 hrs to go and still in the lead on it. After I win this, I’m looking on the site for Halo 3 and see if I can find that to bid on next.  Just waiting on the 4gig MicroSD card for my wife’s celphone and I might be able to use the 2 gig she has now in there, also charging and editing the mp3 player she got for mother’s day from the kids (They worked together and I told them they could earn points to go towards her mother’s day presents for her).

Taking another image of the family PC O/S so the image is fresh and up to date so once I remove the bad drive and place in the new one I can image it without any trouble or at least minimal issues on restoring the image to the new drive.  Working with After Effects is difficult especially when you have projects that you need plug-in for and the plug-in don’t resolve the issue you’re having. Well  hopefully I can get some help with it so I can wrap it up and upload it to where it needs to go. Off to bed for me, it’s late I think its Sunday already *yawn* night or morning pending how you take it.



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