Half way through the work week.

Hello everyone,


Been a busy week and I’m only ½ through it at the moment. So far, we have a new Library in our area which is now the flagship example for the rest of the county.  We have a new stove at the house and I installed a new range hood for it as well. Our Eldest Daughter had her six wisdom teeth removed yesterday afternoon and surprisingly she’s not a grumpy troll about it either.  She’s taking it rather well and easy. Soft foods, pudding, I’m making homemade mashed potatoes tonight for dinner as well.


The kitchen was fun because I had to install a matching range hood for the stove.  It was a pain in the #@#!# due to the fact it was original to the house and there was a gap between the hood and the cabinetry by a good 1.2 inches and mounting it under and up was utter failure. I was forced to install from the sides and although I had to do it I did it in a way that wasn’t messed up. I’ll upload the shots here to show you.


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I’ve been tackling this PC for over just under a month due to the video card issue I’m having with the card not posting at boot up.  I swapped cards and this one was a 128 MB card no juice at all, yet the 1 gig powers up sporadically if you reseat it properly.  So either it’s the card or the slot, the guys where I bought the mainboard from say that it’s the power supply unit not giving it enough juice. It might be possible it’s a 375 Watt PSU but still, I know Chris that he wouldn’t sell me a shoddy PSU that wouldn’t support my card. It’s at Chris’s shop now so I trust him enough that I let him diagnose it and see what he comes up with on his tech bench. For now I’m just going to use my laptop again and play starcraft with my friend mark , if I can find my old serial for it, but I swear one the kids that were over ganked it from the garage.