The Start of July, and what a start!

Hello everyone, well it’s now July & I have rebuilt & recovered my PC & OS without so much a hiccup excluding drivers for my new gt520 2 gig video card that is replacing the 1 gig 8600  both from NVidia both awesome cards but the 520 is superior & gave my pc that extra needed boost in resources. After getting back in I also received an email from Xfire & my account is now recovered & in working order again. One of my BFF’s had his birthday on the 24th & I was able to get him the IRONCLAD High Seas Collection, man….each one by itself through steam is like 9.00 on its own. With him being the civil war hobbyist, I think he’ll enjoy that game pack.


I’m also doing call out to cabinetry shops to see how much drawer fabrication & installation will be for our cutlery drawer since it has seen better days & is on its way to the sawdust pile in the sky. One of my other BFF’s sent me his code for SC Classic since his mac doesn’t support the classic games anymore due to what would be a technological leap backwards for Mac Users. You would think that Apple would “want” to keep some level of classic gaming support around for their user base. Doesn’t seem like it though, especially all you Space Marines types that love WarHammer & StarCraft & marathon & the ilk.


Well, at least Mark will know that his SC is alive & well & being put to good use on my new rig, & will be enjoyed immensely & right next to StarCraft II as well.  I also won a great auction with a steam gift code for Nuclear Dawn, a great game by looks & media clips, haven’t had a chance to play it yet but will do sometime this week. I’ve also started on a writing collaboration of sorts or at least I hope so. I’ve started off in an alternate version of the BGC 2040 Universe in where both Leon McNicole & His Partner on the police force Daley Wong have gone above & beyond the call of duty & service for their country. In this it’s a Temporal Crossover with historic data relating to: Hellgate, BGC Universe, Sliders, & Ghostbuster as odd as that may sound but yes ectoplasmatic technology will be used in this fanfic.

Site wise, I’m going to do some clean up and hopefully involve Simon in helping out just a wee bit with securing and blocking certain IPs from the site. I really hate the fact that I have asshats from china and North Korea trying to get in just to spam their stupid knock off Prada and Gucci fashion ware in the articles and have their script bots running through the processes and making in that much more difficult to clean up after their crap and spam. I haven’t heard from he who must not be mentioned lately so no loss there at all. Still pisses me off though however regardless of the method or way on what he did.

I’m going back to work after posting this up since I’m on my last break at this point of the day. Till next entry Space Marines HO! Give new meaning to the word RAID as far as the Zerg is concerned damn roaches.