Augmented Reality, meets VR Idol Miku Hatsune

Well, this is an odd way to expanded on the Virtual/Augmented Reality technology. A young man from a Technical University in Japan on YouTube has posted a video showing him actually on a date with Miku Hatsune (Popular VR Singing Artist and VR Gamer (See Garry’s mod)) using a mixture of technology specifically in regards to integrating as Xtion PRO motion sensor to a pair of Visual VR goggles, which  allowed him document He and Miku in several places in what appears to be tokyo.

During the Documented video we see this young man interacting with Miku in the “real world” and up till near the end, it was an interesting and still is yet at the end, there was and I know it may have been for fanservice humor, but still the skirt flipping could have been avoided.



I understand that it was demonstrative purposes, but the young man should have also clearly stated that the video was for demonstrative purposes as other sites have had comments reflecting humorous comments rather than ones with more seriousness inquiry as to HOW the technology works and how the young man had constructed the pair of interactive “Augmented Reality” spectacles and the programming thereof.

To read more on this you can read one the articles involved on this directly at hackaday’s website. I find the technology ultimately a step further towards holographic technology and interactive gameplay and military appilicaltion as well as medical there also leads to questions of a morale nature as well. Please feel free to comment your ideas and opinions as well.

Thanks everyone hope your day is well.



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