Monday July 16th

It’s Monday again, yes SDCC is over and I’m normal again. I want to hit the 2014 SDCC since it will be SDCC “45” and that means MILESTONE! So there should be some cool stuff already in the works being planned for 2014. I’m hoping some of my buds that went to SDCC got me some cool swag so I don’t feel like a total loser again for the 17th time in a row.  OH! We’re registered for Anime Banzi however all taken care of at this point. We got Registration, accommodations, time off already in place.

Dave got sent me Space Marines WarHammer 40k off the steam summer camp sale. Looks good, was hoping for l4d 2 a bit in the back of my mind, chainsaw to a zombie head slice & dice is fun. The girls are back from camp as well so no more summer camp for the girls this year. They can just relax and help the rest of us with the house. Wife’s brother and family are heading to slc for a 2 week stay visiting some friends of his wife’s. We’ll get to hang out and catch up for a bit, in fact we’ll probably see them Wednesday, so I’ll be taking a half day in regards to that.

Wife’s had some issues where I’ve had to take her into insta-care on Saturday Dr. said it’s just an acne infection. If it’s just and acne infection why is my wife “back” at a Dr.‘s office with a fever and having to get a booster shot of antibiotics to help fight the infection and to help this fever peak fall and fade?  I swear sometimes it just doesn’t pay to wake up. Now I just want leave and take care of my wife and make sure the house is taken care of before her brother and family show up in the next few days.

Backyard needs to be taken care of as well in regards to that dead quake I have by the back fence.  Have to get rid of that thing before it becomes a liability on the property.  My longtime friend and gamer point man Ali got me RAGE for the PC today as an early Birthday gift! I can’t wait to play together with him that really made my day.  So from a slightly awful day to a great day over the progression of the day, not bad for a Monday, I still however have to finish steam cleaning the front room tonight. ^^;