Pioneer Day, Steam and Ramblings…….

What’s up my fellow bloggers and blog readers? Yesterday was pioneer day here in Utah and have to say there was a ton of fireworks going off all around us till about midnight. I love fireworks myself but when it’s at midnight it’s a bit more than annoying. Also re-installed steam and resent out friend requests so if you got one and you’re on my shit list just hit ignore, lord knows I will.

Let’s say that Rage is awesome love it! that and Nuclear Dawn and L4D-2 as well, the best early birthday presents evar! Anime Banzai is paid for hotel paid for days off confirmed, now just have to sit tight for Oct 23rd then PART-AY! If I can’t go to SDCC this is the next best thing. Been reading Bakuman again and finally up to volume 12, and caught up to Accel World Ep. 15 so now I don’t feel bad for falling behind.

Amanda is in Tokyo at the moment and should be back early August and we’ll have her on the podcast to review her trip and to discuss Mysterious Girlfriend X and Accel World since we both seem to follow them at the same rate. The Olympics start Friday and to be honest I’d rather stay home and celebrate the opening ceremonies with my family and BBQ while we watch the ceremonies in England.

Not sure with The Wedge Duo are going with their family or not? If so I’m hoping for some great video footage and pictures, Simon always was great with the camera. I know one of them is seeking a better place for employment after updating and improving the educational facilities network and security platforms as well. I know either one of them will do excellent in any technology based position. Ok ok, I’m done for now so till next post TAA TAA



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