GAME VIEW City of Steam

Greetings Ladies & Gamers alike!


Madarame here to do a small report on a new game that hit the scene last month and seem to be looking for recruits for testing. I’m talking about City of Steam By Mechanist Studios based out of Fuijin China, .This is a steampunk world mixed in with splash of D & D old school races, yes that means elves, orcs, trolls and other mythical creatures while being steam mechs and weapons all driven by the Unity Engine.

This mmo has a very turn of century feel to it and I am not one to be shy about it, I am hoping to get involved in the alpha myself so I can experience the gameplay as well. I admire the work that was placed in this from what I can see via the media clips and the artwork that was done.


This reminds of what London might be like if D&D and Steamology had been a thing of reailty. 😉

The Classes the player takes on are the usual type of hero archetypes, each with a unique set of abilities. Working as a party will more or less get you through the most part of the quests but eventually you will need to part ways as to some of the quests that will befall you. But the riches and weapons you gain will be most helpful on future tasks that seem to come by too soon 😉 I am sure that if given the opportunity to get into this alpha, that it will prove to be quite enjoyable and entertaining. Here’s to hoping !


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