Just not a good day at all…….

Sometimes I just wished the world would go away, vanish and cease. There are just times were you are just so sick of the trolling, bullying, the bad treatment one gets if they say the wrong thing or something is taken out of context. You just get so tired of it you either, one grow your skin SO thick you no longer care about anything that’s said to you or two you just get so frustrated and stressed that you go ballistic. But the bad thing is with point one is you lose touch with those that are actually around but by that time you just don’t give a shit anymore and just rolls off your back. Then there is point two you become so introverted you don’t want to talk to anyone about and if you do start talking about it the pent up rage and anger and hate that you’ve been festering starts to rise and rear its ugly side and you lose what friends you had left.

They say games help out, sometimes that’s true other times it’s just a distraction to help you forget who/what was causing your pain and loss of self worth and esteem. It’s scars you mentally, it does and a lot of people are like Pfft so the fuck what? Get of the internet then and quit being such a twat about it and crying about on your blog. Well those are the type of people that you want to watch your front side rather than your back because they’re fake, right down to the “Hello” in the morning as you pass them in the hall at work, or you bump into one at the store and they tilt their head and say “Oi, good to see you” when in fact they’re saying “Fuuuuuck he/she saw me now I have to say hi or I’ll won’t hear the end of it for a week at work” For me it’s got to the point where I go to work do my job and I stay out people’s way and notice, same goes for the general public sometimes I just get my books find a place and keep to myself.

People say I have friends……..I do wonder sometimes, if once I hang up or I/we leave what they say behind my back. You can call paranoia all you want the fact remains, people talk about you, good bad or indifferent. Sometimes I just wished the world and all everything on it would just wash away, gone somewhere else where I wasn’t.

OH and an FYI


Twatwaffle gets banned

You are hereby banned from these forums due to outside trolling and that fact that you’re a belligerent twatwaffle. You can not and will not blame anyone but yourself for the asshattery and stunts you’ve pulled. There is no reprive either as you’ve been proven to be untrustworthy and overall dishonest. Have a great day.



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  3. That Guy! THAT GUY! · September 14, 2012

    Banned from the who-what and now?

    Good sir, if you remotely knew me like you claimed to know me, than you’d be aware that I am a caustic individual to everyone I know. I routinely refer to my best friend as Neanderman because he resembles a short caveman. He knows this and revels in it.

    Have you looked at your forum?
    You are the majority poster on it. You already told me off from there when I said something you didn’t agree with. I’ve been deployed for the last three months and haven’t been to your site in a while. You told me I was there so you could engage me or some such.

    Now you’ve banned me from a forum I rarely went to in the first place and had no connection to. Soooo, am I supposed to be upset?

    I mean, I don’t react to things like you do.
    Someone on Bob posted about their confusion at your attempt to comment on it. You spun off into a royal tantrum about it. I relayed that to them.

    Steve… This is not a closed forum. It is not a private journal. I can enter into google and find it. Anyone can. Copy and Paste is not a crime. I have not threatened you or your livelihood… But you see conspiracies everywhere.

    Hell, I found out information about you and your wife just by entering her name into google and you went off under the impression that I had used my security clearance on information that is just out there on the internet.

    Have you stopped to listen to yourself?
    You’re not a bad guy, people do care about you, but holy yikes, you’re more paranoid and reactionary to things than I am.

  4. Madarame-Harunobu · September 14, 2012

    Why are you even here? Oh wait, you probably have CQ Duty or manning the bridge or whatever they have for being the guy that does the overnight 24 hr and you decided to Google me again for whatever reason or form of entertainment. This coming from the person who refers to me as the tall bald creepy guy? Wow, you got some brass balls there I’ll tell you that much.

    Let’s see, you talk about me still you seem to have this incessant obsession with me and to be frank, it’s more than creepy. You post about me and then not expect people to tell me about it, so I mildly show an interest in it and see that you go to the point of posting my entries (As public as they are) into that community and I become a subject of ridicule again. Heather already knows she’s been removed from my facebook. I asked her for some spots to check out while I and the family were in florida on vacation at Universal Studios and DisneyWorld. But maybe just maybe I was at fault for not saying thanks and just removing her afterwards. If so MY BAD! but afterwards that should have been the end of that.

    Then we come to MasterSage accused me of emailing him over a period of time and when confronted about it all he told me was it was someone else sorry. I asked for a retraction and an apology that was about a week or so plus and not a effort lifted to consider my feelings on the matter. Well, I hope you all have another good laugh over it as you usually do on the community IRC channel. Your problem is you cannot let anyone go. No matter how pissed off you’ve got them or anything else and why am I even explaining this you’ll never get through your head anyway. Oh and I can see by the traffic report I’ve got about 20+ today, well that’s either going to be cause of One: Your bunk mates having a Jolly laugh over it, or Two: The Community board we used to frequent back in the day for the same reason. But hey who’s counting right?

  5. THAT GUY! OH FUCK! THAT GUY! · September 15, 2012

    Actually, based on the trackbacks and comments in previous entries, I think your 20+ posts are spam attempts.

    I don’t obsess over you. I show up, say something and you explode into a tirade at perceived misconceptions.

    You apparently missed the part where others were actually talking about you long before I showed them your response. You’re odd enough to generate commentary without my assistance.

    You claim someone “told you” about the comments. You don’t have to hide Steve. You’ve told me you go back and look at Bob to see what’s what.

    And again, do you hear yourself?
    You’re working yourself into an angry tirade because some random online person you don’t know claimed you sent them an email? You demand an apology and a “retraction” from that?

    Apologies and retractions are what people demand when a newspaper prints possibly slanderous things about them. Not what you demand because someone claimed you emailed them.

    Despite this, you’re making the rather amusing attempt at insult that I’m the one who never lets anything go?

    You went off and sulked like a child with a broke toy because someone you knew didn’t bother to share that she was pregnant and that’s why they weren’t speaking to anyone.

    You take all sorts of things personally that most people would just chalk up to “whatever” and move on.

    But it’s okay… We know that you obviously never bear a grudge against anyone, real or imagined.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · September 15, 2012

      You don’t obsess over me? The guy who admits to googling me for giggles and that’s not supposed to be creepy? Seriously, I don’t know when the UFO landed and dumped you and all these stupid throwbacks on our planet? But apparently they are not coming back for you or them. As far as Amanda is concerned, there is more to it than that and no, I’m not going into it with you either and think this conversation is at an end., not because I’m supposedly butthurt over the crap, but more to the fact that arguing it is pointless and that talking with you is like hitting a dead trout against a brick wall. I’d just assume that you left never to bother me again. You have freakish taste on what you would regard as entertainment .

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