End of the work week.

Hey, it’s Friday and what a day. So far, I’ve forgotten to grab pie for the cookout here at the office, I forgot to get gas on the PT so I could at least drive home after work. Then I after I got that done, I forgot I have a meeting tomorrow at the WJ Library for our *Secret Project* and to sit in on some infractions one the committee Directors/Members have committed in the name of The Ghostbusters ERT group Utah. Judgment and 3rd party arbitration will be played and voting will be done in regards to what happens. This is a 1st time major offense and I’ve been weighting it out myself.

I’m not going to say what my verdict is but I have talked with the head of the directors and they have my verdicts already in hand. I’m there to take part and give input towards the “secret project” and the web design going on in progress. I need an artist and co-designer to work with me on this to get it sewn together and looking semi decent. I am using the site’s preset layouts but I’d like to get some artwork that will coincide with the page layouts. It would also be nice to have our Mascot fleshed out as well. Well back to work, then home, wife, out to dinner and a movie and walk.