Oct has begun as the ponds have gone but not been forgotten PLUS Anime Banzi is 19 days away !

Greetings peeps,

It’s the beginning of the fall season with the turning of the leaves as the ending of a great relationship among friends and companions. That’s right, The Doctor and the ponds parted way this last Saturday 09/29/2012. I was surprised and shocked at the end myself, no spoilers. It was really a shot to the gut though, and also the end of the midway season till The Doctor Who Christmas 2012 Special. We did get a glimpse of a recently familiar face from a few episodes ago in the Christmas Special preview. The Ponds/Williams will be missed as they are missed by The Raggedy Man on his Wife as they travel thru time and space.

Anime Banzi is around the corner on Oct 19th in Layton Utah, and I’ve already got my cosplay planned and 99% completed. This year plans to be an awesome one. Peeps from Ani.me will be there Amanda Rush and L.B. Bryant doing several panels. Chris Patton Voice Actor as well as television actor, been seen in NCIS, he is also the American dubbed Van in Gun X Swords, and My Personal Fave ikki from AirGears Anime Series as well as doing a number of Video Game Character acting as well. David Vincent Well Known Voice actor in the anime industry, Micah Solusod another recently famous Voice Actor has been in FMA: Sacred Star of Milos and number of recent anime series and OVAs will be on hand in a number of the panels that will be at . Anime Banzi Tickets and Hotel Rooms are still available, come on down or up and check out this great Convention.

A few reviews are up and coming as well. Black Mesa and Ravage both available on steam. One being freeware build on the source engine and the 2nd being for 2Play Studios in beta at the moment so review will be in posted when I can get to it. Although from the screenshots the engine looks beautiful, the renders are absolutely gorgeous complimented by the textures that have been applied. Also on the gaming side of things, Bruce is working on a few models at the moment and we should be seeing some excellent shots of his work on these models very soon at our studio WP site as well as our website and Indeed.

Personally on my own end of things, my father’s shoulder is on the mend for the time being. The Dr. says it won’t be fully mobile till about march roughly since it takes 6 months of healing for the surgery to be a full on success. He’ll have at least 4 more visits between now and the end of November. I wished I could be back there helping out him and my mother both till the shoulder was fully recovered. My brother is however a few hours away and can be there if necessary I’m sure. Plans for renovation in the house are being discussed as well. There is talk on painting, switching people’s rooms, disassembling the office and moving it down stairs, which would be a good thing. I could finally G+ Hangout / Video Cast on my YT as well with some of the podcast crew I work with at our Cybernauts Podcast WP Site.

And why can’t we have more of this instead of Bullying, or Ragging or Trolling? A Question to leave feedback on I’d say.


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