Oct Weekend 2 Gluten free Expo

Ok, well then its Monday and a busy week it seems. My oldest daughter goes for her driver’s test here at the end of the week, before head to Anime Banzi Year five Theme: Japanese Mythos. Oldest daughter is cosplaying as Italy from Hetalia and I will admit she has put forth a lot of effort in the design of her cosplay. Mine? Oh he he he I’’ bringing a leisure suit and my black dress shoes and #### from ## ##### ##### #### that’s right not telling or showing till Anime Banzi.

The Mrs. and I attended the Gluten Free Expo, it was quite enjoyable and there was even more vendors this year than last. The pancake breakfast was provided by Granny’s Kitchen and non-gluten pancake mix. There was also Rio’s cheese Quesada’s were delicious as well especially since they used spinach tortillas for them and a lactouse free cheese.

We entered a few drawings, had a great time with my wife as we enjoyed a gluten free beer at the beer garden they had. Afterwards, and walking off the beer a wonderful time was had. We received an email from one of the vendors seems my wife won 25$ worth of products from Norflex one the cleaning vendors that was there last year, so that was pretty cool since that means we won’t have to spend much for cleaning supplies for at least a few months.

At the end of the weekend, we decided that we needed to transfer an 8mm video tape to DVD, however couldn’t find the manual. Couldn’t find the bugger anywhere, looked in the garage, searched the office, rummaged thru my folders. Nowhere could I find that stupid manual. So printed it out all 160 pages all on the operational process of a vhs to DVD machine. I thought that would have been the end of it, but no I have to find patch cords that were also lost so I have to wait till later today on the way home to pick some up so we can get this project taken care of since it’s a Girl Scout project with her troop.

That’s pretty much it for now, anything that happens between now and anime banzi will indeed posted if post worthy, till then I’m out……



  1. Syinoid · October 15, 2012

    Ok, so you have a stalker? With what I’ve gone thru on your blog with this twink, my question to you is why not report his ass to to his command? It’s obvious that you can use the IP tracker which shows what? The DNS, The IP address and the Name of the server. The only way he’s going to NOT be able to be detected if he remoted in thru one pc to another to another, and honestly why go through all that trouble unless he is some type of neurotic semi pyschotic with issues of self image since he seems to get his kicks out of getting a rise out of you.

    Although I will note that the if the twink did in fact google information on your wife? If it had been me just to be a dick I would have reported his ass to his XO and CO with the crap he’s pulled. Might get a slap on the wrist, yea but has it slipped the thought distrust towards him for future promotions and paygrade raises? Yes you can believe it would, you’re a bigger person than I am I’d have tried to get his ass slapped with a company grade AR-15 and maybe that would pull his head out of his ass. No military bearing on kids these days. No excuses, you have a troll and you should deal with said troll by the resources given to you. You understand? Lets hope you do.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · October 15, 2012

      You know what I understand what you’re saying. But he is not worth the effort to moisten up the spit enough to put the fire on his ears if they were on fire. He’s a waste of skin, I’ve mentioned him a few times on the web so maybe eventually at some point someone in his squad will find them and see what type of douche-ish dick he is and that will be that.

      I’d like to think I am the bigger person but the fact he googled my wife was really out of line and going over it. Who googles info on someone else’s wife? Am I right? I’d be surprised if I was wrong. And the people at clanbob, you know http://cbforever.com they don’t care either, in fact I bet they got a good hearty laugh over it. Ha ha Leon is at it again great Job Phantomgrift, that was hilarious, and if not I know at least a few people over there that did laugh over it and what type person does that make them eh?

      That’s time where a bootstrap across the forehead should come into play and jog their morale upbringing their parents attempted so hard to instill in them on what’s right and wrong. That’s what is wrong with the internet in some aspects it deadens the understanding of right from wrong from what is a good person should do, but instead allows the bad person to get away with what they are doing.

      Am I being an ass by posting up the URL and the douchebag’s alias up again? Am I inviting him to come back and troll spouting out ha-ha you’re talking about me again see see, I are being validated again! Derp Derp. So yea…………

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