Anime Banzai 2012 Review

Hello everyone just got back last night from Anime Banzai 2012. It was fantastic time had by all. We took off as soon as I got home. We arrived about 5:30 checked in settled into the room went across and got our badges. I saw Dan for the 1st time since last year and the 1st words out my mouth were “Ok, where do I start assembling the Audio/Video equipment?” It was like nothing had changed, just 361 days had passed by like nothing and we were just resetting up the anime viewing rooms. We got everything set up and asked Dan if anything else was needed. So I walked down the hallway and Adam needed help setting up the Anime Banzai Merchandise Store. So I ended up folding about 400 Plus shirts for the store. Mind you I was volunteering yes, but I didn’t write down any numbers or anything, why?

It’s Banzai and some the staff needed a hand, so I lent it without anything in return. While folding shirts I got to meet with Amanda Rush, LB Bryant, and Micah Solusod as they were given the guided tour of the center. I headed back to the hotel around 10:30 pm just because my body started getting sore through the shoulders and heading down, figured time for some sleep. Next morning it was time to wake up and tackle the day, got down stairs the family was already eating breakfast, so I grabbed some grub washed it down and headed over to the con early to yes, create neko ears! I was one the early birds and snagged myself a nice light blonde material for the ears and a tan headband to accompany it with, afterwards headed back over to the hotel to drop them off after showing off a bit. The girls had already headed out and hit the game room, while my wife and oldest hit the convention hall and took in a panel or two.

While that was going on I ran in to a number of people from last year with their cosplay on and I decided to take a pic of a few the great ones. While this was happening I ran into Steve Nunez, AKA Warky T Chocobo to his friends and family, we chatted how things had been and the general chatter, he seems to build up some muscle since last year. I was impressed because I had gained 7 lbs. since the last time we spoke in person. We exchanged some ideas, nodded and enjoyed the rest of the day. I also ran into Amanda and LB while I was taking in the convention and the crowd. I then ran into Chris Patton and David Vincent and Dan Miller as they were taking in the crowd and atmosphere of Banzai, I asked if it would be ok to possibly sit and interview Chris at some point before the end of Banzai. He agreed and best of all it was on Saturday 4:30 pm. Off and on afterwards I just hung out at the anime viewing room and watched a few 1st and 2nd Episodes that had come out recently from funimation who is one the sponsors of Anime Banzai it seems. I could be wrong, but most of the anime was Aniplex/Funimantion I did however see one Manga Entertainment DVD during the weekend.

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The night fell and we ended up getting some greasy pizza from a place called NYPD Pizza, well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t NY Style pizza I’m used to, the cheesy bread was awful, I’d have rather spent the $ on Little Caesar’s than NYPD Pizza, it was just that bad. During the night I wandered back over because there was a few episodes I wanted to see so I took a seat and just relaxed and then 20 mins into the show BAM a fire drill some numb nut decided it would be cool to create some more fog in the Hotel’s Lounge/Bar while they attempted to do Techno mixes of J-pop tunes. We had to evacuate the building then we’re told false alarm it was ok to go back in. Next thing I know it goes off again this time we played it smart and just closed the door. This fire drill bit went off 2 more times that night I was woken up at 12:13 am by Richard I think letting me know they were closing down the room for the night, as I wandered back to the hotel room I met up with LB Bryant and decided to just to an informal brief “hey how are ya?” conversation with my cell phone. He was enjoying the convention loves the weather and the people and fans. He’s got the smoking bug and asked what his brand was? Marlboro 720 asked him if he had any problems with the smoking range rules we have here in Utah and he had no mind to it. Follow the rules to the best you can eh? Well I wished him a pleasant evening and ended up back in the room in bed and asleep.

Next morning same routine this time however with my wife’s help I was able to don on my cosplay as Tomodachi AKA Friend from 20th Century Boys The Trilogy Movie set. We walked up and down the hall for a bit walked thru the Artist alley and only “1” person noticed me I think. Afterward a bit disheartened I went back and changed back into my normal Convention wear and spent the day mostly talking with LB and Micah off and on as we ran into each other, and I was able to walk in on Micah’s Q and A Panel and caught a small bit of him doing the “Blackstaaaaaar!” shtick which we all got a great laugh out of. There David Vincent’s panel on the Business of Voice Acting which was pretty informative I must say. Afterwards got together with family discussed dinner the girls ran back to the game room again, my wife was on her laptop doing some work related project. I remembered I had my 4:30 interview with Chris Patton and indeed I was on time and we were able to do a short but cool interview, I got your autograph that you wanted Dustin! Merry Early Christmas present bro. After the interview I headed up the hotel and relaxed for a few and also ended up cleaning a broken glass from the ground in the kitchen area in our room. I was just glad that our daughter didn’t get cut or anything. After those things kind of blurred together, I remember going to bed but not too much before though.

Sunday came, we got dressed for our final day, where we attended a Japanese Fairy Tale Panel, a Sentai Panel and last the Make and Take bead bracelet Panel. After all that we went back to the hotel I turned in our keys and we basically just came back home from an awesome weekend. I did however invite the entire guest line up to the podcast I co-host on as well. So here is to a closing of a great Anime Banzai 2012 and start planning on Anime Banzai 2013.