Things to come before the end of the World I mean 2012.

Yes, it’s me again! I’m almost fully recovered from my acute PCD, and have been talking with a few people and I can say I can’t wait for next month’s Podcast recordings session. We truly have a fantastic lineup coming up here in the next few weeks. Coming up in the next 5 months I will be attending AnimeSaltLake, dates are March 22nd and 23rd. This will be the 2nd convention and the main guest for the Convention will be FUNimation’s own Chris Rager.

Those who know his work need no list to know his work, but for those who are just getting into the anime scene? #Chris Rager has been known for his Voice Acting Talent in series such as Blue Gender, Case Closed, Black Cat, Desert Punk, Lupin III, Full Metal Alchemist to name a few. He is also in quite a number of recent video games as well of the past few yrs. Stuntman Ignition, Bloodrayne, Roadkill and most recently BORDERLANDS 2 WOO! and a plethora of others as well as lending his narrative side to advertising as well.

Also Brett Young one the US Anime Gamers on the Western US Coast who on the whole has been living abroad in Nagoya Japan and will be attending AnimeSaltLake for gaming coverage and podcasting. He does reflect upon Persona 4 and GG, and brings his A+ Game to the scene so beware! Also he’s a Gundam’s Best friend when it comes to the pilot seat and a dog fight. You can catch Brett on “Twitch TV’s Website” This proves to be one hell of a convention. I am hoping to do some live coverage on the convention as well thru our podcast channel/Google Hangout “The CyberNaut’s Hang” other than that, this is me for the here and now. Be sure to catch us on The Cybernaut’s WP Site as well. Opps, I have an incoming transmission it seems,……

“Rosenkreuz to Commander Lundberg, we have a Borg Sphere inbound on your location Sir”

“Understood Rosenkreuz”

“Lundberg to Rosenkreuz”
One to beam up………..



  1. NAC eye drops · November 10, 2012

    AniMinneapolis , an anime convention happening July 8-10 in Minneapolis, is excited to announce guests Richard Townsend and Shannon Townsend. AniMinneapolis is a brand-new anime convention, featuring cosplay, anime, video games, a rave, free ramen, dealers, artists, and more. More information about the convention can be found online at After a stint as a writer for A2 Press, a gaming company out of Chicago, Richard decided to try his hand at working alongside his wife Shannon. Richard’s main focus of late is the webcomic “Otaku -no- Yen” (aka. Geeks Without Money), which updates twice a week. Richard is also developing a card game that Studio ONY hopes to release in the next few years, as well as a brand new comic project that will take Studio ONY into new and exciting directions. He also plays a mean round of Rock Band and loves to kill zombies.Shannon has been drawing almost her entire life, but at the age of 16 she discovered Anime, and she’s never been the same since. Self taught in the art style of Anime and Manga, Shannon has worked on numerous freelance projects over the years for everything from board games to websites and children’s books. She now spends her time working on Otaku -no- Yen and planning Studio ONY’s upcoming comic projects with her husband and writer Richard. When she isn’t drawing, she’s a belly dance instructor and poi spinner.More about Richard and Shannon can be found online at Registration for AniMinneapolis is only $20 through March 20th. AniMinneapolis will also be accepting artist alley and dealer registrations in late February.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · November 10, 2012

      Nice! sounds like a kickin good time for Otaku one and all. I won’t be able to attend myself but hopefully there will be ton of footage on youtube and the convention forum. great news there.

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