Ok, so I’ve found out I won a 250$ Men’s clothing shopping spree from Schells WOO ME! I also just found out that since May 2012 Genshiken has returned! which is good, this is one of those few self-indulgence moments where you can say life is good and actually be truthful about it. I’m almost done decorating the section of the floor I call our Client support area. Cobwebs are up, save for one section, section left to spread around and a few odds and ends like dead zombie squirrels and mind controlled rodents.

Also those that are following me that have an interest in Star Trek Online? I am also looking for some peeps to help form The Federation of Planets “501st Flotilla” . If there is anyone interested in laying into the borg and anyone else that would stand in the way of the federation, leave a comment with your steam contact and I’ll hit you up on steam and we go from there.