Friday and I need an asprin

Genshiken Chapter 81 still waiting on it being translated and posted. I’m rereading 56 thru 80 again and still just as humorous and still just as sad at where 80 leaves off at. I’ve turned a few friends to it and they’re getting into as well and with some it hits a little close to home. This is one the reasons why I was glad to see that Genshiken 2nd generation did come out to the public.

Still dealing with someone that doesn’t understand on how to go thru the proper channels to achieve desired result, or they just want me to do something because they a bit butt hurt because something came back to bite them on the arse and got caught in saying one thing when it fact it was exactly the other. I’ve given the person the terms of removal, and who to contact since their abilities to go back and edit out said information was removed. I even went as far as using Google as a research tool to find one of the said moderators of said site, found their twitter account rather fast, and tweeted to him the issue and asked for assistance with the matter.

I’m hoping the person will see the reason as a just one, and will assist in resolution of the problem, but until then? The post will stay where it is at till said post is removed or requested info being omitted out. Simple as that not a hard request, something that can be achievable if sought thru the right channels and then everyone can be happy and go about the Happy Tree Hugging friendly ways.

It’s snowing, -sigh- I was hoping that it would stop by noon, burn off by 3 and I’d be able to finish hanging the Christmas lights (which are 70% completed) on the house before the onset of snow coming in. But no, it’s here and on top of that I have a DVD to compile and burn before 5:45 and attend a Girl Scout Function of all things Cyber bullying and Trolling, seems I’ve become a bit knowledgeable in the subject for “one” reason or another somehow, and will be at this for roughly 3 hrs.

So now it’s roughly around 3:45 pm and I’m at the tail end of my shift, I think I’ll get ready for the trip home and hopefully I’ll meet up with my peeps at and we can go through some of the paces on the beta that is going on right now. I’m pretty sure if there are peeps out there reading this wanting to play check out the two articles below and see if you can get one btw now and the 13th of Nov. And remember, your imagination will take you as far as you allow it.