Thanksgiving Weekend

Let’s start off with *Facepalm* why? Because excluding the weekend shopping? This weekend was totally screwed up. We went shopping found some great stuff for the kids for Christmas. However for the lights at the house?  I have 2 of 3 mini trees that are out, and the top of the 4 ft. spiral tree is deader than most fruitcake. The PSP I was bidding on for my eldest daughter? Out bided again, that’s part of the frustrating part of it.


Then to top it all off the icing on the cake was a message I got from our illustrious podcast leader, stating that they wish to part ways due to the direction I am supposedly taking the podcast from podcast to talk show status.  Really, how am I taking over a podcast from podcast status to talk show? I made mention that I could invite Vin Diesel on to the podcast, so we could review and get some feedback from him on Dark Fury and what type of insight he could share with a number of us his fans. That and a few other people I know out in the community.

Let’s get this correct shall we? I know a number of people; I know the guys would like to have an awesome podcast. I’m willing to give them quite a number of them. My opinion is there is not enough communication involved. My idea of a podcast is at least meeting once a week as a group, go over what topics we want to hit what media to review, who to invite to the podcast if viable at the time.  Write up questionnaire for each other to ask the guest/s while recording. I like the fact we have a good reputation so far on the net and I want to keep it that way. Best way to keep a good thing rolling is communication because without it? You’ll eventually run into a sandbank and get stuck. “Communication” is the key to opening all doors and sometimes a few windows.



Ok done *Facepalming*   Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.