Genshiken Nidame get Anime Series !

HEY ! It’s Official! Genshiken Nidame HAS AN ANIME! *Victory dance* I read this at Oguie-p’s WP; I have to say I for one have been hoping for this. Now we can pick up where we left off at and it won’t seem as much time has passed at all for us fans.  I can’t wait for the fansubs THEN grabbing the official releases for the archive and random Genshiken power watching marathons.  Anyways,

So after the Madarame/Saki arc Genshiken would seem to relax a bit before going onward but Chap. 84 has some on edge.  In our last chap. Madarame announced was quitting his job at the Sakura Piping Company close the campus stating he’d be unable to visit the club often as he used to, disregarding Kasukabi’s advice from quitting his current employment.

Madarame seems alienated with the current club’s atmosphere, Yoshitake doesn’t help matters much by attempting to convert him to the BL circle of the Club, and Hato is having trouble coming to grips with his emotions being at odds with himself.  Ogiue asks him to help out with a “Tiger & Bonny” doujinshi, Hato begins to think about his friendship with Madarame, and the thoughts of doubt Kaminaga placed in Hato’s head on whether he’s straight, gay or bisexual.


Now, Sue of all people has shown feelings for Madarame in the process too, though her character might make it appear stranger than that.  This doesn’t change the demographic in Genshiken as the base issue for Madarame’s decision. I think that Madarame’s relation to the Genshiken as an on-campus club is waning. I had the same type of experience when I attended SCAN at SDSU but after I moved out to Utah, things gradually changed.  I’m still friends with people I knew from back then, however our friendship has survived in a certain sense, which even though we’re not around together to meet up and watch anime and RPG together afterwards doesn’t mean we’re not still friends.

Seeing as how Genshiken has this focus on Hato, the realization he will more or less be the most psychologically complicated character in this part of the series. Ogiue as one thing, as her story cuts to the bone, but Hato’s situation you can’t say Oh gee he’s gay! That might be a possibility, or it could be something else entirely and we’re all reading more into it than we suspect. However, with what we have read in the recent past about he doubting his sexual orientation it’s easy to see that it’s not the only thing going on behind or in front of the curtains everyone.