My Weekend plus.

Ok So, Ep 26 of the Cybernauts is bagged and being edited at the moment and 24 and 25 show should be uploaded and ready to post at the Cybernauts WP Site.  I’ve been attempting to keep up with the wife in this Living room transformation project. How I am for the life of me going to get a straight line when I have to paint 2 stories up on a ladder with a fear of heights?  Well, it was done on Sunday thank the gods.

NOW, the hard part is going to be getting the sectional from basement out and around the house to the front and into the living room without it getting snow on it. Our Eldest daughter turns 18 this weekend and I am reminded how much time has passed. She’s grown, and I see much of myself I could have been had I not held myself back.  Well, she might just get it right in her own way I think.  Anyways, after her birthday and such I have to tackle the rest of the project. The Kitchen, I’ve already washed walls patched the old pilot holes for the pictures that were in there, now I have to wait and move the fridge and repair the overhead cabinet that hangs over the fridge to make it a bit more sturdy than its current shape.

It’s snowing like crazy out here as of late and doesn’t want to make up its mind to either keep snowing or just pile up till it can’t anymore or just let it rain and be done with it.  The ice storm we had here a few days ago was a bit of hap hazardous day of fun on the road. I fish tailed about half a block before I could get decent control of the steering again.  Then yesterday it snowed so bad traffic was slowed down to a crawl. What would have taken an hour or more took three hours and it was just crazy, then home and helped with dinner and all, afterwards watched Ted brought that to the redbox by our house and LO! The whole four way intersection was blocked off by Police and Hazmat teams. The Holiday Gas station had everyone from the McDonalds, the circle K and some of the other buildings inside for protection since the vehicle was a Natural gas tanker that hit 2 smaller vehicles and tipped and cracked because after I got back? I could smell the gas and I’m four blocks away from the scene of the incident.  Here are the two snapshots I got.



Anyways, that’s it for now peeps.