*Steps up on my SoapBox*

This little excerpt is from a thread on a place that has me perplexed at its existence, and how it survives feeding upon itself. Names will not be revealed due to possible harm it could cause them. I am only doing this as the person in question does seem to be completely clueless when stating things he/she hasn’t even researched and looks like an ass because of the lack of research thereof.

I’m amused that Leon is reaching out to anyone.

[It’s wasn’t a reach out or an Olive Branch, Brent and I have never been at odds with each other “ever” so striking up a conversation on related topics was relatively welcomed. He’s had quite the life in his young life so far, and it’s been quite interesting to hear some of his ventures and scribing’s as a playwright. His plays are quite an interesting read if you ever actually sit down and do a complete read through rather than gleaning just enough to possibly troll or attempt to in some entice him to lash out at your for your entertainment. His political views are a bit extreme, but then again those who love their country are quite adamant on speaking out on the politic situation when they think it’s out of touch with reality in one sense or another. I respect his opinions, I may or may not agree with some of them, but I’m not going to be a dick about it and troll them on it either just for the sake of having a laugh at their expense.]

His posts on things like deviant art and his blog alternate between talking about his family and long rambling things about anime. I never see anyone comment thought. Especially after I decided to leave him be.

[Let’s get something straight here first shall we? Talking about family is no crime, maybe boring and dry in some areas, but hey that’s what I like blogging about from time to time. As far as my ramblings go, they’re just my opinions in reference to them. You should have included Manga, Video Gaming, and Technology as well as you seemed to have omitted those out as well in your statement.]

His podcast is amusing because he left the one he was formally with after he got butthurt and had a falling out with the guys who produced it with him.

[My podcast, I’ve never said it was “my” podcast. We share it actually, I and six other people as well. Some of which have quite a bit on their plates at the moment ergo the lack of their presence on the recent podcasts. As far as the current podcast is I didn’t have a falling out with Dustin, nor David, you’re assuming it was a falling out. They had scholastic issues of their own they had to deal with and take care of. They have just recently revived an older podcast they had even before The Kool Kids Klub podcast and The Cybernauts.
Anime of Yester-Years is what it’s called, the cast consists of Dustin, Dave, and on occasions, our own Vee-Monjosh, because he is friends with them as well. We didn’t separate our ways on bad terms which seems to be what you’re implying. But then again, it does boil down to you not researching and getting all the facts straight before you post in a slightly slanderous format. Where it comes down to comments being left? Rarely do I get comments from the actual readers on “my” blog. The Cybernauts get a few on occasion, but also that particular blog also gets spam-based comments from script kiddie ran bots. ]