Brought to my attention…….

People wonder why I don’t talk about politics or news relating to global events. Reason being is, the world is a fucked up place lets be brutally honest, is anyone person to blame? No not really, we’re all about equally guilty at/on one level or another. War, famine, disease, inflation, people in the streets protesting the status quo, political rallies, using their voices to be heard but falling on deaf ears.

I stick with what I know family, gaming, manga, anime, art, literature, music and podcasting. Do I go to forums still? Yea, I still have one myself for my own dreams of a Gaming Studio and to help out peeps that need a place to post with the option to hide from prying eyes of the public for their projects. Do still post at them? Yea from time to time, when there is something on interest to reply to/or of interest.

I don’t consider myself of any real importance on the universe, I see myself as someone who watches over my offspring and will sacrifice my own to keep them safe, that’s my own real worth at this point and time in my own existence. Selfish was a question and a statement that was thrown at me a number of times by someone I knew, saying I never took the blame for any event that may have happened. I really don’t think I should have to justify myself because of this person or anyone else really, but needless to say, I have done some considerable damage in and on my own lifeline.

What they are is my concern. Not the internet, not some anon I’ve never met, and nor will I go into it further save for that I take responsibility for my own actions and accord and if people can’t accept that? Get stuffed I say and good riddance to you Sir/Madame. With that said I’m going back to work for the rest of the day.

Cheers to you.