A very unexpected Skype Msg. and yet a very cool score maybe….

Just yesterday during break I got a Skype message from an ex co-worker saying she needed some help with her pc and asked me if I could look at it for her to see if it was worth saving? Well come to find out this desktop Compaq is a 2.6 P4 Dual Core, 40 gig HDD, CD Drive with Xp Pro on it.

Now I got an email this morning saying I might be able to keep the unit since she convinced her hubby that it was out dated and they needed something new with Windows 8 on it. So, by I get to wait till Friday to see if I might just be able to keep this machine and maybe place Vista on it instead of Xp and use it as a test box for development. I might even sell it off as is with an old 15 inch Dell LCD and older Wi-Fi Logitech Keyboard and ball mouse to go with it, price tag of 55.00 should be a fair price for it.

That if that’s the way I am going to go? The money for that will go towards an extended warranty and repairs to the 10 inch netbook I got from again, craigslist which would be excellent because I can use that on location for those spur of the moment podcast opportunities that could happen at conventions. Decisions decisions…..