Our Backyard has been Violated!

SO FUCKING PISSED! NO NOTICE, NO PHONE CALL NO NOTHING AND YET THE WEST JORDAN SCHOOL DISTRICT CAN COME STROLLING IN WITH CHAINSAWS and DRILLS, AND AUGERS AND Cut down and rip up and cut back OUR Foliage without so much as a warning reach around Minus The KY Lube!?! Fuck that! Me and my wife planted two of the shrubs one which grew amazinglly fast the other had a slow trail, but NOW it has NONE BECAUSE SOME FUCKING SCHOOL DISTRICT ASSHAT WORKER NOT ONLY CUT BUT DRILLED HIS BIT INTO THE STUMP! FUCKING ASS! WONDER HOW HE’D LIKE HAVING HIS SCROTUM CUT OFF AND HIS STUMP DRILLED WITH HOLES!?! EH? YEA BUT HE WOULDN’T LIKE THAT NOW WOULD HE! There was NO notice of ANY work going that might disturb the property or anything, so while we’re going to work they can come in and do what the fuck they what? I don’t think so.