Happy Birthday to Douglas Adams “61”

Douglas Adams, what can I say about you? You Hoopy Frood, your ear always did have a particular scent to it and it was because your Babel fish died in your ear and you never even knew it. I always did wonder why you asked Vogons to repeat themselves, now I know why. It wasn’t you being a part to the Vogons you just couldn’t hear them properly with a dead Babel fish in your ear.

You would have been 61 Years old today, you tea sipping twindlederp! But you had to die and leave us without as so much as a “Farewell and thanks for the dead fish in my ear”. Your writings of The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy is one the few actual book/Audio works/ Video Game series that made my High School life tolerable and helped me escape reality during the ugly times.

Although I am a huge towel toting, bathrobe wearing Ale drinking, throwing myself at the ground and missing to save up on frequent flyer miles fan of Douglas adams I have not yet had a chance to read “And Another thing!” as of yet which is supposed to be the “sixth” book in the HHGTTG Series, which I do promise to get to before the end of the year. SO Happy Birthday you! You are sorely missed by Kin and Friends and fans alike, We Toast to you and the Universe you opened our Creative eyes to. CHEERS!


(Although I doubt seriously that there is a soul out there that will read this)



  1. thearchivest · March 11, 2013

    Douglas is terribly missed. His brand of humour was unique. But it does live on in others like Neil Gaiman, and in comic novels like THE MYOSHI EFFECT. Happy Bday DNA.

  2. Madarame-Harunobu · March 11, 2013

    Indeed, his talent for creating fictional words that became trends was indeed remarkable. Have you read any of his Dirk Gently works as of yet ?

  3. Hart of Dixie · March 13, 2013

    haha nice, real nice

  4. Milnor Pownell · March 13, 2013

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