The Laziness Syndrome

I had to post about this because of the truth it rings. Brent Lengel “…Now, if the laziness story has such flimsy bases in reality, why it is so widely believed? It is because, in the past three decades of dominance by free-market ideology, many of us have come to believe in the myth of the individual fully in charge of his/her destiny.

Starting from Disney animations we watch as young children telling us that “if you believed in yourself, you can achieve anything”, we are bombarded with the message that individuals, and they alone, are responsible for what they get in their lives. This is what I call the L’Oreal principle – if some people are paid tens of millions of pounds a year, it must be because they’re “worth it”; if others are poor, it must be because they are either not good enough or not trying hard enough.

Now, it is politically difficult to criticize the poor for their incompetence, so the attack is focused on the mythical lazy slob, who has no moral leg to stand on. But then the end result is the dismantling of a whole set of policies and institutions that help all poor people in the name of punishing the lazy.

The beauty of this worldview – for those who disproportionately benefit from the current system – is that, by reducing everything down to individuals, it draws people’s attention away from the structural causes of poverty and inequality…”


My opinion I think the whole thing boils down to sitting down, discussing it thoroughly and finding the near best solution to this ever rising issue. I don’t think you can blame the poor on this but you can lay some of it on the government American as well as European. There are those out there that just don’t give a rats ass which is true, but at the same time there are people out there like myself that want to keep a job be employed and not have to sponge off the government.

I’m someone that needs to be active and earning a dollar. It’s always comes down to the bottom of getting Government X to get off their asses and do something more for the people instead of themselves. I’d like to know of a governmental system that would help a country out where it could resolve its global debt within half a century, while teaching and learning new technology and how to use it wisely and in a way that would generate employment for its citizens. Oh wait I need to wake up BECAUSE IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!