My feelings – concured with how william feels.

My feelings.

I can relate, with as much crap I had to put up with roughly till 4 yrs ago I was angry at the the world and the stupid childish shite some poeple cause. Even after leaving, I was reminded of the shite storm that I had left. I’m still angry, will I let it go? problly not and it will problly be part of my demise when it comes, but that’s me and I want them to know that they did create this feeling of resentment, rage and chaos, and god help them if I ever meet one of them at some point and time. I have much resentment and animosity towards them as a whole. SO yea William, I’m in the same boat or at least one very much like the one you’re in at the time being, but I’ve been on this one for quite sometime.