Friendship, what it helps build, what it does for people…….

What is a friend? To me it is someone who will stay with you no matter what type of hell you’re going through, who will share in/with your happiness your successes, and being with you through tough times, shoulder to shoulder, back to back guarding your six. I have met a lot of people since I’ve started doing social media, but who do I consider friends and those of just good acquaintances?

There are a number of outlets you gain people and online friends, the whole Facebook gaming gene is one of those that bring people together, you relate at some level whether it is a need of supplies and powerups or outright standing up to the ones that would abuse in an online game. Sure there are quite a number of fighting games, but does that give people consent to being allowed to be bullied or “statpadded” upon for days or weeks on end? No, and that where you find the people you end up having something in common with at that level but enough of that for now.

There is also the re-connect as well, people you lost due to moving, or losing their information but using social media to be able to possibly re-connect and hang out again. I’ve done that and I’m sure a number of you out thee have done that as well. People I went to Middle and High School with, people I hung out with at the mall when I was what 19, 20? There are even friends I had at Job Corp I actually still have contact with, why? They considered me worth contacting and re-establishing that connection. Blogging is another way to make friends but at the same time it’s a form of expression of you’re feeling when you’re posting up what’s on your mind. You’re reaching out to people as people are reaching out to you whether you know it or not. We rely on each other thru friendship.

Bottom line is we all have crosses to bear, friends are there to help ease through the rough times and to help you keep your sanity. Even marriage is that bond between two people that can’t be broken unless one side has grown that much apart from you, but other than that they are there to be the ones to hold you when you cry, when you’re angry at the world, when you lose something/one.  When you don’t have a grasp of what’s going on from time to time, they lend that hand to grasp it with you and help guide you back to reality and help cope with whatever it is that’s bothering you. So as I’m writing this if you have a problem? If you need to talk, if you need someone to just be there to listen not reply back but just listen and acknowledge that you’ve been heard? Then please feel free to reach out………lord knows I’ve needed it more times than I’d like to admit.