A Post to Myself from Me, Myself, and I.

Greetings to myself,

Well if you’re reading this it’s probably because you wrote it and set it for a timed posting. You have a lot of issues, you know that right? But you’re also a great person at the same time. You love your family, care about your children, your wife, people you interact with a fondness towards. You’re not bad, although people treat you that way.

You try to further your knowledge, reading, and hands on, lab work at home. You even try to do things you don’t know how to do (not the dangerous ones) at times. Look at some of the accomplishments you made within the last two years alone. You started learning how to compile podcast videos, editing them out with help from Bruce and Ken, but you are able to get the videos compiled and uploaded. Bruce and you are getting back to 3D modeling again.

This doesn’t make you nuts, but I do understand what you mean at times. 😉

You and your daughter are playing catch, improving her catching technique. Your eldest daughter is graduating here next week. Your wife and kids love you with everything they got. I know you want to see your parents again before anything bad happens, but what can you do? Seriously, with everything that is going on back there you have to come to terms that you have to wait till things settle down on that end of the states. Your Brother’s not going anywhere yet is he? No….. Your mom and dad are still in ok health right?  Ok then, will it hurt to wait a year or so more to visit them when the dust settles down?

You want to get the netbook repaired right? Well, you have stuff you can sell off to get the warranty renewed and then get that fixed. Defiance? Yea you love that game and the series is also equally as cool if not cooler. You’re talented even if you doubt yourself, believe in me, oh wait  I am you, so see start believing more in yourself and quite being such a doubting Thomas. You’re better than you think yourself to be at times, when those moments wash over you, come back here and read this entry, and know you are loved not by your family but you yourself as well.


Me, Myself and I.