A Moment of Truth from the past.

OK, ignore that #CharlieChaplin  who seems to be portraying Adolf Hitler,  but is rather playing a jewish barber. Please #Listen to what is being saying #Politically . I for one have now at this point and time understand more to what he is saying, and I can say that I am taken back because what he is saying and I can see how the world is currently. It invokes a depression in one when thinking upon the truth of what is being said in the video and realizing just what is going on currently in world affairs today.

In my opinion 35 years ago the country and the world was a better place to live in. Now we just have puppets in office doing what the corporations want rather that what is good for the country and global good, leading the global lemmings in their dream like states buying engaging and consuming, rinse lather repeat, not actually seeing the corruption that is happening out there.


The deals being made behind closed doors, the terrorists, the destruction, the greed that has corrupted the hearts and souls of today’s society singular not plural because at one point we were “one” society working to benefit humankind not tear it down, not ruin that which was given to us to make choices towards a better future.


All I have seen over the past decades is a world that has going to hell in a hand basket and feel like there is not much I can do about it, but if this  helps open up the eyes of  few, wake them up to ways or paths on how to correct the path we are going down then in some small way I feel like I have helped push ourselves from the bring of self extinction.


Because realistically the human race not just countries, the planet as a whole is on a road to extinction. Take it leave it, I am posting it up because this is something I’ve known for a bit but finally decided to share my opinion on it. #GlobalWakeUp   #BecomeAStrongerPlanet I doubt many will understand nor even share or reply to this, but one can hope that the population sees this as one truth to current state of the world as it is now.


  1. Invisible Mikey · January 16, 2016

    I’m sorry. I simply can’t ignore that Chaplin is satirizing Hitler (he’s playing a Jewish barber in this scene, not the dictator). It gives the proper context for the words, which are from 75 years ago, not 35. The whole speech means different things when viewed as a call for America to get involved and stop Hitler, at a time before Pearl Harbor when Europe was fighting him without our help.

    I was alive and aware more than 60 years ago. Compared to the brutal, dangerous, racist and sexist 1950s of my childhood, practically every aspect of life has improved significantly. I had friends living in iron lungs then, and classmates who died of the flu, measles and in car crashes (seat belt laws didn’t exist). There were no domestic abuse laws short of murder, and corporal punishment was completely ordinary at school. Most types of violent crime were much more common then.

    Context is important. That’s how your world can seem to have gotten worse, while mine seems so much better.

    • Madarame-Harunobu · January 16, 2016

      True, and I respect that view. Things have indeed improved from since that era. Medical advancements, acceptance, understanding your fellow human and better laws have been passed. But we still fighting the ever building battle up hill towards a better tomorrow. Conspiracy theory says that there are countries that have had the cure for a form of cancer for just over a decade, the cure for aids has been around for the last 7 years and only speculation till recently was available only now are validations to these statements. Terrorists, don’t even get me started on that set of twatwaffles. But yes, Equal rights have come forward a thousand fold. Not just for women but for the so called minorities which I think is a stupid name myself everyone should be equal unless proven otherwise. Safety measures as well Seat belt laws have improved the survival rates in crashes yes, and corporal punishment, it should have never left the school system, spanking as long as your kid doesn’t have blistered welts from leather or backboard paddles, what was good enough in my day of schooling should be just as good for today. Maybe kids would show a little more respect for people such as yourself and I. These kids these millennials that run around pulling pranks like depants people in public, or dressing up like some horror movie character and jumping out at people to get a laugh, that’s not funny that disrespectful. I am saying if certain aspects had still been around things would be different. We’re supposed to be the ones making big strides not cowering or cowtowing because some asshats don’t like the way something is being handled. There is such a thing as pushing the envelope a bit far to the point it tears.

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