Stardate 95012.53

Ok, it’s the day after Memorial Day and what’s been going on since the last time I posted here? Well I am on the Vonage project doing business VOIP Support for small to corporate level businesses. Our Twins are graduating High School in less than 60+ hours, I feel old and I know I shouldn’t but our kids are out of the basics for Life Education. However College is their choice and they will be walking down that path exploring what careers they want to choose. Other events have happened as well, some I will not go into so don’t ask please.  Trying to clean up some of my younger adulthood items, RPG books, maybe 80% of my Comic Collection that I collected over the years.  Just need to scale down the stuff in the house.

That being said, also cleaning the house room by room getting ready of that which is not needed of hold much sentimental value.  I am building however another machine to assist with Media for the house. We’re getting rid of the cable TV and Land based phone system and going straight internet to help save on money as well as personal time. Allows us time to work on the lawn and the house maybe we’ll have enough to start on a new slab in the back yard as far as a patio/add on to the house is concerned and we can also work on the back fence add more privacy to the yard as well.  Fix the front yard up with some cool flora that one of the twins brought home and some we bought at the high school greenhouse 10$ a flat is nothing to sneeze at that’s for sure.

ther news is I did finally see koe no katachi and I have to say that I thank my wife that I had a box a tissue available because the feels of it all were really there. This movie is indeed emotionally invoking, the walk thru of a walk thru on the daily events of the characters bring up similar situations I myself had encounters in my early teens years and could relate with the characters and story arc. I know I haven’t posted much here as of late and I apologize for that, real life has taken some steps into my time regarding blogging and the ilk. I have been able to tweet from here and there post up on facebook and such but drawn out articles and such have been long and in between.  Hopefully within the next coming month, The Cybernauts PodCast will be back up with & on the Podcast discussing #Politics, #Comedy and #Cosplay !