Madarame’s Baconized Ranchtastic Foil Sliced Spuds

Baconized Ranchtastic Foil Packet Potatoes

3 sheets of heavy-duty foil
10-12 baby red potatoes, sliced
6 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon (Turkey or Canadian)
1 packet ranch dressing mix
Seas Salt and pepper to taste
3 tablespoons butter
Sour cream for serving Optional

1. Spray each sheet of foil with cooking spray.
2. Top each piece with equal portions of potatoes, bacon, and ranch dressing mix.
3. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to each serving. Wrap securely.
4. Grill for 20 to 30 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes before serving. Serve in foil, topped with sour cream if desired.

Perfect for an afternoon snack or early Dinner side dish when BBQ on a nice sunny afternoon.



An End to the old and a beginning for the new!

fireworks final

Ok, well as I’m typing this out I’ve restructured the podcast, have registered or at least applied for a press badge for AnimeSaltLake on March 23rd & 24th where we’ll be covering panels and events from salt lake’s 2nd Anime based Convention. What was received from Christmas and St. Nicholas?  I received few pair of jeans, and a nice button up shirt, an omnibus of Genshiken covering issues 4 5 & 6, I also got those great Gashapon figures from Genshiken 2 sets as a matter of fact. So I have 2 Madarames I can build into a set of Genshiken Bookends for the office!


I’ve also reconnected with someone I didn’t think would still be around from the old community I hung out a few years ago. It seems that real life had got their meat hooks into him and made him get a social life somehow. Well he’s clipped those hooks and seems to have got back on track with writing and such and doing the net shtick again, which is cool because I’d like to see how the web comic he was doing before the meat hooks into him and tore him away from that. I really hope he picks it back up, the story plot was good, had some pitfalls which gave the story some attention grabbing.


We’ll be rearranging the office and moving it downstairs soon while at the same time rebuilding the old office back into a bedroom. We want to get a futon for our eldest so she has something to sit on in her new room downstairs since she’ll have room in there for one and she can have friends camp out in there as well if need be. Anyways, I’m currently at the office enjoying the 1st Genshiken Second Season Volume One and it does indeed have a slightly different translation than the scanlations, but it keeps pretty much to what I have read fan wise, which is what prompted me to buy the 1st Vol. and cont. to purchase the series as the volumes get released. Other than that, it will be a peaceful transition from 2012 to 2013, I wish everyone a Decent New Years and we will see you in the New Year tomorrow.

Metro 2033 Serial Key Giveaway By Nvidia and Genshiken CH. 82 Reviewed

Hey everyone, we’re down to less the 10 hrs before the supposed Mayan DOOMSDAY OOOOGA BOOOOGA! SO THQ/PCGamer/Nvidia is handing out keys for the steam edition of Metro 2033 <—- Click there for it. I’m not going posting till after Christmas so for some you there is a lucky break for you. In the interm though, I did hear recently from a friend I haven’t heard from after a few years. It is good to hear that he’s still among us out here, and has taken to getting out and having a social life and getting involved in the world.

My hope is he’ll be getting back to the webcomic he’s authored. I think it could actually make a decent Graphic novel once completed. As far as the podcast goes its on Haitus till Jan 2013 for transition period and the fact that it is the christmas holidays. But we will pick back up around Jan 5th. We’ll have few guests on that show and I’m prety sure you will all get a kick out of it. Some musical cuts and voice actors galore will be part of the podcast off and on all 2013 and as always we promise to make them not only interesting but fun as well.

Now, to Chapter 82 of Genshiken Nidaime. I found this to be quite comical due to the discussions that happen between Yamacchi (Mirie) and Youitake and Hato-kun with regards to Yamacchi’s birthday and a odd item they think is one thing but in reality another. *Don’t believe “everything” you read on the internet btw*
-_-; some of the topics were quite funny, especially when Ohno and Sue coming searching for said item JUST before Yamacchi takes it upon herself to ask Hato if the item in question was his in the first place. LOL

Anyways, CH. 82 was indeed a laugh-o-matic chapter and we enjoyed reading several times and I have to say I almost blew chunks my sides hurt so bad from laughing, which hasn’t been that much lately. Ok everyone, this is me signing off the blog till 2013 and I hope everyone one and all has a decent Christmas spending time with the ones you love family and friends alike. And to those trolls out there, yea even you, have a safe, friendly holiday season and I know we’ll be seeing you as well in the next new year, but till then take care of yourselves and Happy Holidays to you from me.


Thanksgiving Weekend

Let’s start off with *Facepalm* why? Because excluding the weekend shopping? This weekend was totally screwed up. We went shopping found some great stuff for the kids for Christmas. However for the lights at the house?  I have 2 of 3 mini trees that are out, and the top of the 4 ft. spiral tree is deader than most fruitcake. The PSP I was bidding on for my eldest daughter? Out bided again, that’s part of the frustrating part of it.


Then to top it all off the icing on the cake was a message I got from our illustrious podcast leader, stating that they wish to part ways due to the direction I am supposedly taking the podcast from podcast to talk show status.  Really, how am I taking over a podcast from podcast status to talk show? I made mention that I could invite Vin Diesel on to the podcast, so we could review and get some feedback from him on Dark Fury and what type of insight he could share with a number of us his fans. That and a few other people I know out in the community.

Let’s get this correct shall we? I know a number of people; I know the guys would like to have an awesome podcast. I’m willing to give them quite a number of them. My opinion is there is not enough communication involved. My idea of a podcast is at least meeting once a week as a group, go over what topics we want to hit what media to review, who to invite to the podcast if viable at the time.  Write up questionnaire for each other to ask the guest/s while recording. I like the fact we have a good reputation so far on the net and I want to keep it that way. Best way to keep a good thing rolling is communication because without it? You’ll eventually run into a sandbank and get stuck. “Communication” is the key to opening all doors and sometimes a few windows.



Ok done *Facepalming*   Back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

Anime Banzai 2012 Review

Hello everyone just got back last night from Anime Banzai 2012. It was fantastic time had by all. We took off as soon as I got home. We arrived about 5:30 checked in settled into the room went across and got our badges. I saw Dan for the 1st time since last year and the 1st words out my mouth were “Ok, where do I start assembling the Audio/Video equipment?” It was like nothing had changed, just 361 days had passed by like nothing and we were just resetting up the anime viewing rooms. We got everything set up and asked Dan if anything else was needed. So I walked down the hallway and Adam needed help setting up the Anime Banzai Merchandise Store. So I ended up folding about 400 Plus shirts for the store. Mind you I was volunteering yes, but I didn’t write down any numbers or anything, why?

It’s Banzai and some the staff needed a hand, so I lent it without anything in return. While folding shirts I got to meet with Amanda Rush, LB Bryant, and Micah Solusod as they were given the guided tour of the center. I headed back to the hotel around 10:30 pm just because my body started getting sore through the shoulders and heading down, figured time for some sleep. Next morning it was time to wake up and tackle the day, got down stairs the family was already eating breakfast, so I grabbed some grub washed it down and headed over to the con early to yes, create neko ears! I was one the early birds and snagged myself a nice light blonde material for the ears and a tan headband to accompany it with, afterwards headed back over to the hotel to drop them off after showing off a bit. The girls had already headed out and hit the game room, while my wife and oldest hit the convention hall and took in a panel or two.

While that was going on I ran in to a number of people from last year with their cosplay on and I decided to take a pic of a few the great ones. While this was happening I ran into Steve Nunez, AKA Warky T Chocobo to his friends and family, we chatted how things had been and the general chatter, he seems to build up some muscle since last year. I was impressed because I had gained 7 lbs. since the last time we spoke in person. We exchanged some ideas, nodded and enjoyed the rest of the day. I also ran into Amanda and LB while I was taking in the convention and the crowd. I then ran into Chris Patton and David Vincent and Dan Miller as they were taking in the crowd and atmosphere of Banzai, I asked if it would be ok to possibly sit and interview Chris at some point before the end of Banzai. He agreed and best of all it was on Saturday 4:30 pm. Off and on afterwards I just hung out at the anime viewing room and watched a few 1st and 2nd Episodes that had come out recently from funimation who is one the sponsors of Anime Banzai it seems. I could be wrong, but most of the anime was Aniplex/Funimantion I did however see one Manga Entertainment DVD during the weekend.

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The night fell and we ended up getting some greasy pizza from a place called NYPD Pizza, well I’ll tell you, it wasn’t NY Style pizza I’m used to, the cheesy bread was awful, I’d have rather spent the $ on Little Caesar’s than NYPD Pizza, it was just that bad. During the night I wandered back over because there was a few episodes I wanted to see so I took a seat and just relaxed and then 20 mins into the show BAM a fire drill some numb nut decided it would be cool to create some more fog in the Hotel’s Lounge/Bar while they attempted to do Techno mixes of J-pop tunes. We had to evacuate the building then we’re told false alarm it was ok to go back in. Next thing I know it goes off again this time we played it smart and just closed the door. This fire drill bit went off 2 more times that night I was woken up at 12:13 am by Richard I think letting me know they were closing down the room for the night, as I wandered back to the hotel room I met up with LB Bryant and decided to just to an informal brief “hey how are ya?” conversation with my cell phone. He was enjoying the convention loves the weather and the people and fans. He’s got the smoking bug and asked what his brand was? Marlboro 720 asked him if he had any problems with the smoking range rules we have here in Utah and he had no mind to it. Follow the rules to the best you can eh? Well I wished him a pleasant evening and ended up back in the room in bed and asleep.

Next morning same routine this time however with my wife’s help I was able to don on my cosplay as Tomodachi AKA Friend from 20th Century Boys The Trilogy Movie set. We walked up and down the hall for a bit walked thru the Artist alley and only “1” person noticed me I think. Afterward a bit disheartened I went back and changed back into my normal Convention wear and spent the day mostly talking with LB and Micah off and on as we ran into each other, and I was able to walk in on Micah’s Q and A Panel and caught a small bit of him doing the “Blackstaaaaaar!” shtick which we all got a great laugh out of. There David Vincent’s panel on the Business of Voice Acting which was pretty informative I must say. Afterwards got together with family discussed dinner the girls ran back to the game room again, my wife was on her laptop doing some work related project. I remembered I had my 4:30 interview with Chris Patton and indeed I was on time and we were able to do a short but cool interview, I got your autograph that you wanted Dustin! Merry Early Christmas present bro. After the interview I headed up the hotel and relaxed for a few and also ended up cleaning a broken glass from the ground in the kitchen area in our room. I was just glad that our daughter didn’t get cut or anything. After those things kind of blurred together, I remember going to bed but not too much before though.

Sunday came, we got dressed for our final day, where we attended a Japanese Fairy Tale Panel, a Sentai Panel and last the Make and Take bead bracelet Panel. After all that we went back to the hotel I turned in our keys and we basically just came back home from an awesome weekend. I did however invite the entire guest line up to the podcast I co-host on as well. So here is to a closing of a great Anime Banzai 2012 and start planning on Anime Banzai 2013.

Oct Weekend 2 Gluten free Expo

Ok, well then its Monday and a busy week it seems. My oldest daughter goes for her driver’s test here at the end of the week, before head to Anime Banzi Year five Theme: Japanese Mythos. Oldest daughter is cosplaying as Italy from Hetalia and I will admit she has put forth a lot of effort in the design of her cosplay. Mine? Oh he he he I’’ bringing a leisure suit and my black dress shoes and #### from ## ##### ##### #### that’s right not telling or showing till Anime Banzi.

The Mrs. and I attended the Gluten Free Expo, it was quite enjoyable and there was even more vendors this year than last. The pancake breakfast was provided by Granny’s Kitchen and non-gluten pancake mix. There was also Rio’s cheese Quesada’s were delicious as well especially since they used spinach tortillas for them and a lactouse free cheese.

We entered a few drawings, had a great time with my wife as we enjoyed a gluten free beer at the beer garden they had. Afterwards, and walking off the beer a wonderful time was had. We received an email from one of the vendors seems my wife won 25$ worth of products from Norflex one the cleaning vendors that was there last year, so that was pretty cool since that means we won’t have to spend much for cleaning supplies for at least a few months.

At the end of the weekend, we decided that we needed to transfer an 8mm video tape to DVD, however couldn’t find the manual. Couldn’t find the bugger anywhere, looked in the garage, searched the office, rummaged thru my folders. Nowhere could I find that stupid manual. So printed it out all 160 pages all on the operational process of a vhs to DVD machine. I thought that would have been the end of it, but no I have to find patch cords that were also lost so I have to wait till later today on the way home to pick some up so we can get this project taken care of since it’s a Girl Scout project with her troop.

That’s pretty much it for now, anything that happens between now and anime banzi will indeed posted if post worthy, till then I’m out……

Pioneer Day, Steam and Ramblings…….

What’s up my fellow bloggers and blog readers? Yesterday was pioneer day here in Utah and have to say there was a ton of fireworks going off all around us till about midnight. I love fireworks myself but when it’s at midnight it’s a bit more than annoying. Also re-installed steam and resent out friend requests so if you got one and you’re on my shit list just hit ignore, lord knows I will.

Let’s say that Rage is awesome love it! that and Nuclear Dawn and L4D-2 as well, the best early birthday presents evar! Anime Banzai is paid for hotel paid for days off confirmed, now just have to sit tight for Oct 23rd then PART-AY! If I can’t go to SDCC this is the next best thing. Been reading Bakuman again and finally up to volume 12, and caught up to Accel World Ep. 15 so now I don’t feel bad for falling behind.

Amanda is in Tokyo at the moment and should be back early August and we’ll have her on the podcast to review her trip and to discuss Mysterious Girlfriend X and Accel World since we both seem to follow them at the same rate. The Olympics start Friday and to be honest I’d rather stay home and celebrate the opening ceremonies with my family and BBQ while we watch the ceremonies in England.

Not sure with The Wedge Duo are going with their family or not? If so I’m hoping for some great video footage and pictures, Simon always was great with the camera. I know one of them is seeking a better place for employment after updating and improving the educational facilities network and security platforms as well. I know either one of them will do excellent in any technology based position. Ok ok, I’m done for now so till next post TAA TAA